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Behold, a cargo bag that goes under the water bottle cage

Behold, an inner tube and spares cargo bag that goes under the water bottle cage

Where do you carry your puncture repair kit and tools? In a bag under the saddle perhaps? Or in a jersey pocket? How about under the bottle cage?

That's what the Behold is, a specially designed cage and cargo bag that goes right underneath the regular bottle cage. It’s currently on Kickstarter where it has achieved its funding goal with 21 days remaining.

The company has developed a cargo bag large enough to store a spare tube, puncture repair kit, tyre lever, CO2 canister and tyre levers. How much you get in there obviously depends on the size of the bits you’re trying to pack.

The Behold metal cage can be used alone, or fitted under a water bottle cage. A small popper secures the cargo bag onto the cage so it doesn’t rattle about or become dislodged. The bag is made from water-resistant ballistic nylon with a YKK zipper.

behold mount.png

The company is offering two versions of the bag, the MTN Kargo which is longer and designed to accept a 29in inner tube, and the smaller Road Kargo. That’ll take a 700c inner tube.

The cages and bags are made in America but its founders took to Kickstarter to raise the funds it needs to purchase a stamping tool to produce the special cage.

behold 3.png

You can still back the Kickstarter campaign with $25 getting you a Behold cage and Road Kargo bag. You can check it out here

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