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Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11Storm TR Kit



Fast, grippy and durable tyres with everything you need in the box for easy tubeless installation
Hassle-free installation

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The Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11Storm is a fast, grippy and durable tyre with easy tubeless installation at a price that matches key rivals, packaged here as a pair with everything you need to get them up and running.

Hutchinson was a pioneer of road tubeless tyres back in the early 2000s and while it doesn't have the market to itself anymore, it is still producing top-quality tyres. These Fusion 5 All Season 11Storms are ideal for mixed weather conditions, with lots of grip on wet roads and durability that should easily cope with the harshest roads.

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The Fusion 5 has been around for a few years now. I tested the 'Performance' version back in 2017, which replaced the Fusion 3 (they skipped the 4). Hutchinson trumpeted the new tyres' improved traction, rolling resistance, durability, comfort and puncture resistance.

By and large, most tubeless road tyres on the market now are of the tubeless-ready variety, as tested here. These are very similar to regular road tyres but require sealant to form the airtight seal on the rim. Tubeless-ready tyres are often lighter than 'road tubeless' (see below) and easier to fit to the rim; they can also be used with an inner tube.

Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TR tyres14.JPG

Another 'standard' is road tubeless, which Hutchinson was involved in the development of, with Shimano, back in 2006. The key difference is the use of a layer of butyl rubber that ensures an airtight seal can be achieved without sealant. It's similar to Mavic's UST standard. Hutchinson makes both types so it's essential to decide which you need before you click the buy button.

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Back to the Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11Storm Tubeless tyres. The ElevenStorm rubber is peppered with a 'specific grooved design for wet terrain' and there's more compound thickness, 1.6mm to be precise, for better durability and kevlar reinforcement for greater puncture resistance.

It's well known that tread patterns make no difference to a road tyre, and I couldn't appreciate any discernible benefit of the grooves. What the tyres are, though, is surefooted and predictable on wet and mucky roads, so the tread compound works nicely.

Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TR tyres24.JPG

They are sold in 25 and 28mm widths in tubeless-ready, and there's a 23mm option for road tubeless and tube type clinchers. Why anyone in this day and age would choose a 23mm tyre for winter riding is beyond me, unless tyre clearance is severely limited. The 28mm width tyres were a great match for the Cannondale Synapse I largely tested them on, combining with the carbon frame to deliver velvety smoothness on all road surfaces.

Although you can buy the tyres separately, for £39.95 each at rrp, the kit includes two tyres and everything you need to get up and running and convert your tubeless-ready wheels to accepting the tyres: tubeless tape to cover the spoke holes, tubeless valves with removable cores and a plastic tool for removing said cores, and a bottle of the company's own Protect'air Max sealant. For £89.95 that's pretty good value – Schwalbe's Pro One Tubeless Tyre Set is £136. The Hutchinson kit with 25mm tyres is £99.95.

Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TR Kit - boxed.jpg

Getting the tyres installed was as easy as tubeless should be. I slung them onto two different wheelsets I had available at the time, some carbon Parcour wheels I'm testing and a pair of Cannondale Hollowgrams. Inflation was trouble-free on both, only needing a regular track pump to put the tyre onto the bead and add sealant through the valve. Air retention has been excellent, with very little lost over the course of a week.

Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TR tyres7.JPG

Over several months of testing through a myriad of weather conditions, these tyres have impressed. The speed feels good with a rolling resistance comparable to a Schwalbe or Continental equivalent. Website bicyclerollingresistance tested these tyres and found them 'best in class', you can read their report here

Hutchinson claims the tyres will 'be able to blithely pass the 5000km mark with performance and comfort', and while I've not racked up nearly that many kilometres, durability has been excellent. The tyres show no signs of damage, no cuts or holes to speak of.

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Puncture resistance is a tricky thing to asses but I've not suffered a single flat during the test, and my local roads are hardly the easiest on tyres.

Wider tyres are commonplace these days and I've long since been won over by them. A 28mm tyre makes a good compromise of weight, aerodynamics, traction and comfort, and these Hutchinsons display very good ride comfort. They do trade-in a little cushioning for ruggedness but road feel is good – there's nothing wooden or harsh about them at all.

Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TR Kit - tyre.jpg

The regular Hutchinson Fusion 5 impressed with its traction and these are as surefooted on slippery roads as it gets. I can happily bomb down my steepest descents and sail through the corners safe in the knowledge that these tyres will continue to grip. They cope under heavy braking as well, the sort required when a car/pheasant pulls out suddenly in front of you.

Hutchinson has been doing some very good tyres over the years and this tubeless model is a fine choice for winter and spring riding when the roads aren't at their best. They're fast and grippy, and durability and puncture resistance is very good. I'm happy to leave them on my bike until they wear out.


Fast, grippy and durable tyres with everything you need in the box for easy tubeless installation

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Make and model: Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11Storm TR Kit

Size tested: 28mm tyres

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Hutchinson says: "The Fusion 5 All Season is the perfect ally for long intensive outings.

"We have worked on a specific compound thickness (1.6mm) with a tailored particle size to favour durability and grip on wet roads. The Kevlar® reinforcement protects the casing from puncture risks. You will be able to blithely pass the 5000 km mark with performance and comfort. If you opt for the 700x28 version, you will be blown away by the long-term softness and efficiency."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

From Hutchinson:

ElevenSTORM® is the new exclusive performance compound developed by Hutchinson R&D Laboratory.

The new ElevenSTORM® compound comes with energy and violence, and will erase on its way all the doubts about possibility to combine in one compound devastating performances in all the fields.

Rolling performance, Grip, Mileage.

No time for compromise anymore.

Rate the product for quality of construction:
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Rate the product for weight (if applicable)

At 292g each, the Hutchinsons are pretty good. (It's the overall weight of the kit displayed at the top of the review.)

Rate the product for comfort (if applicable)
Rate the product for value:

The value is pretty good considering you're getting a pair of tyres and the tubeless sealant, valves and tape you need to get going.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

Deliver good grip and toughness for winter cycling.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Easy tubeless setup, feel good on the road and nicely durable.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

Not much to dislike really.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

It's cheaper than the Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Tyre Set (£136) but you can get both discounted if you shop around.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider buying the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

Just a really good tubeless tyre that leans towards extra durability for winter riding without sacrificing performance and speed.

Overall rating: 8/10

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I regularly do the following types of riding: road racing, time trialling, cyclo cross, commuting, touring, mtb,

David worked on the tech team from 2012-2020. Previously he was editor of and before that staff writer at RCUK. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, he only wishes he had time to ride them all. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is a frequent road racer but is too lazy to do really well. He currently resides in the Cotswolds, and you can now find him over on his own YouTube channel David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

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MonkeyOnABike | 3 years ago

Have just taken these off my bike which after only 2,000km have developed lumps and bumps all along the circumference. Hutchinson claims these will get between 5,000-8000km so they are nowhere near end-of-life. 

They didn't feel as good and got more punctures than the GP5000s I also run.


bobinski | 3 years ago

I run these on 2 sets of wheels .They replaced pro ones. Easy to get on and off Hunt 17 and 19mm internal width rims. I drop sealant into the tyre before popping the last bit of tyre on. No p&&&&&@@'s. More than comfortable at 75psi for my 72-75 kilos. Grippy enough even descending in the wet in the Pyrenees a few years back. Cheap enough as a package to give them a try.

shutuplegz | 3 years ago

I was not so impressed with these tyres really. After wearing out Schwalbe Pro Ones on my commuter after about 2500miles (rear tyre, front still going strong after about 5000miles!) I switched to these in the hope that they would be a bit harder wearing than the Pro One. I never really got to find out.

Firstly, they were not as comfortable or grippy as the Pro One - to be expected as the Pro-One is a race tyre and in 25mm form comes up more like 27mm, whereas the Fusion is a genuine 25mm on my rims. They went onto the rims quite easily. They just felt 'wooden' on the road compared to the Pro-Ones though.

My trial ended after only a couple of months - whilst cleaning the bike I noticed a fairly large cut in the rear tyre where the sealant had done it's job (but who knows how long I'd been riding like this!). So I went back to the Schwalbes as I never suffered significant cuts with these tyres - maybe the larger volume and/or softer compound also allows the tyre to roll over sharps on the tarmac more readily than a harder narrower tyre?

Presently though I am considering moving back to tubes on my commuter. Tubeless is just too much faff on a bike I ride every day. I need to be able to change a tyre or mend a puncture within an hour or so in an evening so the bike is ready for the next day. Every time I touch the tubeless setup it always ends up taking a number of hours. If the tyres sealed up first time each time, it would be fine, but they don't. Also can't be hassled with topping up the sealant every few months, gradually increasing rotating mass each time!

Miller | 3 years ago

I'm on my second winter with these exact tyres and confirm that they are really excellent being supple, grippy and giving me no hassle whatsoever.

On another note, please stop banging on about alleged different types of tubeless, you're just muddying the waters. For all practical purposes nowadays tyres are either tubeless or they're not, and if they are, they require sealant.

David Arthur @d... replied to Miller | 3 years ago
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Miller wrote:

I'm on my second winter with these exact tyres and confirm that they are really excellent being supple, grippy and giving me no hassle whatsoever.

On another note, please stop banging on about alleged different types of tubeless, you're just muddying the waters. For all practical purposes nowadays tyres are either tubeless or they're not, and if they are, they require sealant.

Thanks for the feedback, we did have a discussion about that bit of the review but decided to leave it in. Noted for future reference though

Kendalred | 3 years ago

I'm a Hutchinson convert - I have their tubeless set up on three bikes, with the Performance version in 28 on my 'winter' bike (I say winter bike, but in reality my Autumn-Winter-Spring bike). They are holding up really well, no visits from the p******* fairy, and the lower pressure is very welcome at this time of year. 

The only small gripe i had with the kit was that they included a strange rim strip, that turned out to be too wide for my rim bed, so I needed to get rim tape separately. It looks like they now include 'normal' rim tape, which is much better. I'll probably go for these Four Season versions once I need to change (but I can't see that being for quite a while).

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