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Whoop launches Women’s Performance Collective to address research gap within women’s performance

The wearable tech brand known for partnering with pro cycling teams to track riders' fitness commits to pursuing research and product development initiatives that specifically benefit women...

Fitness and health tracking brand Whoop has announced the establishment of its inaugural Women’s Performance Collective (WPC) that commits to pursuing research and product development initiatives that specifically benefit women.


As part of this Whoop has partnered with VOICEINSPORT (VIS), a global sports company that provides girls and women in sport access to over 80 experts in sport psychology, sport nutrition and women-specific health, mentorship by pro athletes, and educational content written by women athletes.

WHOOP 4.0_Strain_Wrist

The human performance brand, known for its wearable tech and being the fitness tracking partner of the EF-Education Nippo pro team in the cycling world, says its aim is “to educate and empower women to manage their sleep, recovery, fuelling and training to optimise their health”.

WHOOP 4.0_Sleep

Whoop and the WPC will work to continue to address the research and education gap within women’s performance by driving new research, testing upcoming product features and more. Outside Online reports that currently, only 3% of sport science research is focused exclusively on women. 

Whoop has already led some research specific to female physiology regarding the patterns of hormones and recovery across the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy, and aims to build on these foundations.

Following consultation with members of the WPC, which includes nutritionist, author, medical doctor, and podcast host Dr. Hazel Wallace, Whoop plans to shape its technology to better cater for the unique physical and physiological needs of females.

Dr. Hazel Wallace

Whoop has notable ties to the cycling world, in particular its partnership with EF Education-Nippo, who use the tech for measuring and monitoring recovery, physical strain and sleep; but it is not the only cycling-applicable fitness and health tracking brand now looking to support the performance of female athletes.

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2021 TDF EF Education whoop data team overview

Supersapiens - the brand behind on-the-go blood glucose tracking for easier energy management - recently partnered with The Cyclists' Alliance (TCA) for an initiative called ‘The Cyclists' Alliance Duty of Care Framework’ to ensure that female professional athletes are empowered and nurtured, both physically and mentally.

The aim being to “ensure that no [female] athlete can unknowingly or knowingly push their body past its limitations and cause disastrous long-term effects on the mind, body and its systems.”

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