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news Quiz Corner - What do these World Tour sponsors actually make?

Test your cycling knowledge in today's quiz...

Which World Tour team sponsor produces pet food? And which team jersey is advertising adhesives? Play our quiz to test your knowledge of the pro teams and their sponsors.

Chances are, if you’re a bit of a racing nerd, you’ll recognise the names of these team sponsors. And even if you’re just a casual fan, we bet you can figure out quite a few of these. Quiz Corner - Can you name the top 10 Tour de France GC from 2010 to 2019?

Some (slightly worryingly) might make explosives, others produce taps, and there might be a sponsor from the shampoo industry.

Why they chose cycling as their marketing tool we’re not sure, but it’s certainly an eclectic bunch!

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Once you’ve had a go, let us know your score in the comments below. Then head over to this handy guide to what the pro team sponsors actually do. We’re trusting you not to cheat. Pinky promise?

Right then, time to test your knowledge!

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