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Video: Driver turns across Jeremy Vine’s path on new pop-up bike lane

Social media questions about whose fault it was robustly answered by police

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine has posted footage of a couple of near misses suffered within moments of each other while riding home on a new pop-up bike lane this week.

The incidents occurred while Vine was riding along Hammersmith Road yesterday (Friday).

After first manoeuvring around a motorist who emerged from a side road and positioned their vehicle across the bike lane, Vine continued on his way.

He then almost immediately suffered a driver turning left across his path – and almost into him – from the adjacent motor traffic lane.

“What the hell?” said Vine as the driver pulled over.

“Oh my God, I didn’t see you at all,” she replied.

Vine then told her not to worry.

Writing on Twitter, he explained: “I just could see she was anxious, and alarmed, and I didn't want to make things worse. An apology always helps.”

Social media being social media, a number of people have replied to Vine’s video asserting that he was somehow to blame for the incident.

The Surrey Roads Policing Unit was unequivocal in responding to this.

They did however add:

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