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Two men jailed for knifepoint robbery at Mark Cavendish's family home

Romario Henry has been jailed for 15 years, while Ali Sesay received a 12-year sentence for the robbery and eight years for unrelated firearms offences

Two men who carried out a knifepoint robbery at the family home of Mark Cavendish have received lengthy jail sentences.

Ali Sesay, 28, pleaded guilty to the robbery charges and was sentenced to 12 years, as well as an additional eight years for six unrelated firearms offences. Romario Henry, 31, of Lewisham, south east London went to trial, was found guilty of two counts by majority verdict and was today sentenced to 15 years.

At sentencing at Chelmsford Crown Court, judge David Turner said: "This was planned, targeted, orchestrated, ruthless offending aimed at an internationally known sportsman and his wife who happened to be brand ambassadors for exceptionally valuable Richard Mille watches."

In a statement read to the court during this morning's sentencing hearing, Cavendish said the idea of it happening to anyone else is "horrifying" and the robbery had caused psychological trauma.

Speaking to The Times newspaper this week, Cavendish explained how his recent move to a new team, Astana Qazaqstan, had been delayed by last month's trial.

"The team were super supportive, incredible," he explained. "[Joining them] was delayed because they gave me time. Vino [team boss Alexandr Vinokurov] said, 'Take your time, be with your family if you need to be.' It was a scary time. Even during the trial, a really scary time. It took a huge pressure off that we can deal with that."

During Henry's trial last month the court heard how Cavendish and wife Peta were threatened and attacked during the nighttime robbery of 27 November 2021.

Two Richard Mille watches, valued at £400,000 and £300,000, phones and a Louis Vuitton suitcase were taken during the "well-orchestrated, well-executed, planned invasion".

Jurors heard how the balaclava-wearing robbers had threatened to "stab him [Cavendish] up" in front of his children and a post-court statement released by the couple said the incident was something "no family should ever have to go through".

Sesay, who received a shorter sentence relating to the robbery charges having pleaded guilty, did so after his DNA was found on a phone belonging to Mrs Cavendish that was found by officers, discarded outside the property.

Two other men, George Goddard [below left] and Jo Jobson were named as suspects during the trial but have not been located.

George Goddard left Joe Jobson right via Essex Police

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peted76 | 1 year ago
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I'm pleased that there's some resolution to this, it's a horrendous crime and I'm pleased to see long custodial sentances handed out. 

Bit concerning there are still two suspects on the loose.. 

Also concerning that you can kill someone with a car have a decent chance of either getting away scott free or a comparative slap on the wrist. This is where the checks and balances of the the law wholly fail.

Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago
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Lets face it - they made a schoolboy error.  Should have waited until he left the house on a training run and threaten the missus with running him over.  

They would have got away with it then.

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