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“Lock it, still lose it”: TikTok account gloats about stealing bikes from school

The account, which features several clips showing bolt cutters and a range of apparently stolen bikes, appeared in the same week six Specialized mountain bikes were stolen from the Bridge School in Runcorn

A school in Runcorn, Cheshire, has been “left devastated” after a new TikTok account – created, it seems, to document and glorify bike thefts in the area – appeared to gloat about stealing six mountain bikes used by the school’s pupils on trips.

The // [at]" target="_blank">‘’ account appeared on the popular social media platform around two weeks ago, and features a profile photo depicting a cartoon thief stealing a motorbike and slogans such as “I’ve got ye whip” and “I’ll take ye mars purse n ye dads bike” [sic].

The channel, which has attracted almost 600 ‘likes’ and over 10,000 views, has since uploaded a range of videos – which now seem to have been removed – appearing to show a group of thieves stealing bikes (described by the account as “peds”) as well as radios and tools.

TikTok account gloats about stealing bikes in Runcorn, Cheshire (TikTok,

According to the Liverpool Echo, the first clip, titled “#dingersornothing – #lockitstilllooseit”, features a shot which appears to be filmed by someone on a bike, and includes the caption, “3 man up on a robbed ped”. The video also seems to show the thieves holding knives and metal bats.

Another video, “Steal or starve thats how r boys r raised”, shows a series of red and orange Specialized and Voodoo mountain bikes and a pair of bolt cutters described as “new bolties”, as well as the black cap and balaclava-covered face of one of the thieves.

A third clip called “6 peds 1 night light work got 3 radios” shows a number of Specialized mountain bikes alongside the caption: “There’s the peds all fresh. Got the Specialised graft in.”

TikTok account gloats about stealing Specialized bikes in Runcorn, Cheshire (TikTok,

On Friday 25 November, The Bridge School in Runcorn, a pupil referral unit for children who aren’t able to attend a mainstream school, reported that six of its Specialized mountain bikes, along with an assortment of tools, were stolen.

The bikes, which appear on the school’s website and match those featured on the TikTok account’s videos, are owned by the school to be used by pupils as part of trips to Wales or the Delamere Forest.

In a Facebook post, which also featured images of the stolen bikes, the school wrote: “The whole school community has been left devastated and we would like to appeal to anyone who may know anything to contact the police quoting the crime number IML1423221.

“It is really frustrating and disheartening to our learners who take part in outdoor education and use the mountain bikes to enjoy trips to Wales/Delamere Forest etc. and unfortunately this will no longer be able to take place for the foreseeable future.”

However, an update on Wednesday confirmed that five of the six stolen bikes had been recovered by police, with the school announcing that “our learners once again will be able to go and enjoy bike rides with staff.”

A Cheshire Constabulary spokesperson told the Liverpool Echo that officers are aware of “a recent increase” in bike thefts in Runcorn – 10 stolen bikes, including those from the Bridge School, have been reported in the past month – and that they “are working hard to tackle the issue”.

“We are currently following a number of lines of enquiry, including CCTV footage, and we are also aware of a TikTok channel purporting to be the offenders,” the spokesperson said.

“As part of our investigation, we have also visited an address which was rumoured to be linked to the thefts. We can confirm this is not the case.

“While our investigation is ongoing, and with many children likely to receive bikes this Christmas, we are urging residents to ensure that they keep their bikes secure at all times.

“There are several ways to make life difficult for thieves for all budgets, from getting the bike marked and registered, through to acquiring CCTV or doorbell cameras or secure bike sheds.

“Just double-locking your bike, including at least one that is a D-lock, will make the bike less desirable for thieves. You can also lock the frame and both wheels to a secure cycle stand - secure your bike as close to the stand as possible to give any thieves little or no room to manoeuvre.”

Anyone with information related to the thefts is asked to contact Cheshire Police on 101 or by visiting the police’s website. Information can also be given anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Ryan joined as a news writer in December 2021. He has written about cycling and some ball-centric sports for various websites, newspapers, magazines and radio. Before returning to writing about cycling full-time, he completed a PhD in History and published a book and numerous academic articles on religion and politics in Victorian Britain and Ireland (though he remained committed to boring his university colleagues and students with endless cycling trivia). He can be found riding his bike very slowly through the Dromara Hills of Co. Down.

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vthejk | 1 year ago
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How devestating that these were stolen from a PRU - these young people would already be really struggling and just barely clinging onto mainstream education and support from social workers.

"Steal or starve *from severely vulnerable, at risk and deprived children"? Not exactly a good look.

essexian | 1 year ago

I have a few ideas what use those bolt cutters could be put to.... 

And yes, I am a Tofu eating, woke Guardian reader but at times, cutting things off seems to be the only sensible way left to treat people who do not wish to be part of society. 



matlockmark replied to essexian | 1 year ago
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joe9090 replied to essexian | 1 year ago
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All of this ^^^

srchar | 1 year ago

What's the worst crime here? Stealing bikes, boasting about stealing bikes, or writing in Patois when you're from Cheshire?

To paraphrase Alex Turner: "You're not from Kingston city; you're from Runcorn"

Rendel Harris replied to srchar | 1 year ago

srchar wrote:

To paraphrase Alex Turner: "You're not from Kingston city; you're from Runcorn"

That great line from Extras:

Orlando Bloom: Johnny Depp! Where I'm from he wouldn't last five minutes. He'd get smacked straight away.

Maggie: Where are you from?

Bloom: Haply-on the Wold, just near royal Windsor.

Mungecrundle | 1 year ago

Locks are to bicycle theft as helmets are to cyclist injuries. Pretty much useless, only good for reducing blame on the victim and providing cursory cosmetic protection.

Unfortunately trusting an expensive bicycle to an expensive lock in a public place means you are more than likely to loose both an expensive bicycle and an expensive lock when Mr Scroat turns up with a cheap angle grinder and a can do attitude.

ktache replied to Mungecrundle | 1 year ago

Probably a once stolen electric angle grinder too.

I have started to add a kryptonite new York D lock to my new York fagadabaddit 1st gen chain if I'm leaving her in town. And I will replace the D with a fagadabaddit mini D at some point. More in the hope that the grinder runs out of power before the necessary 4th cut.

Leaving the bike filthy and trying to be subtle with the expense is my fingers being crossed. Using cheap plastic (10 for a pound) shoe cover as a saddle cover might help make it look very cheap.

There is always the trying to make the less well locked up bike next to yours more attractive.


rico500 | 1 year ago

im not saying this is the case hear but went to my Local large supermarket recently and their were two very nice specialize and voodoo mountain bikes unlocked owner's had gone shopping if thats the mentality no wonder they go missing

joe9090 replied to rico500 | 1 year ago
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We don't like victiim blamers on here much. 

ktache | 1 year ago

Well done the police.

Please also find the scrotes with the awful grammar.

Car Delenda Est | 1 year ago

They're breaking into schools to get the peds?

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