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RGT Cycling to give out NFTs as prizes to virtual race winners

The indoor cycling platform revealed it would be giving controversial NFTs to race winners...

The indoor training app RGT Cycling has announced it will be giving newly minted non-fungible tokens as prizes for winners in the Echelon Racing League.

The league, which begins on 20th November 2021, will see 40 teams and 240 riders compete in the pro event, which consists of 8 rounds with teammates working together to compete across a variety of digital parcours.

Races will be contested on courses which emulate those raced during the in-real-life Echelon events, including races from the US premier calendar. 

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Cycling fans around the world will be able to watch top E-Sports racing teams battle it out for the top step of the podium and the chance to win sport’s first ever blockchain prizes.

Last year’s event attracted top teams such as Rally Cycling, Canyon eSports, Tibco Silicon Valley Bank Pro Cycling, Butcherbox and the USA National Team. 

NFT’s, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets. They can be used to represent easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos and audio. Blockchain technology validates proof of ownership.

James Vickers, Head of Brand and Marketing at RGT,  said: "The concept of NFT’s and blockchain technology is exciting and although there may be many other ways for us to utilise this technology, these prizes help us combine our belief in virtual racing and our commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual cycling’.

For information on how to spectate and participate in the Echelon Racing League, visit

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