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Tadej Pogacar stuck (most of) his Tour de France rides on Strava

Turns out he’s faster than you

Even if they sometimes use Strava when they’re training, Tour de France winners don’t generally upload their rides from during the race itself. Tadej Pogacar did though – most of them at least.

Disappointingly, Pogacar’s crucial Stage 20 time trial performance isn’t on there. It wasn’t just because he changed bikes before the climb either. The Slovenian chose to ride the crucial stage without a bike computer or power meter, preferring to pace himself on feel.

Stage 21 is missing too – an omission that is explained by the title of his first post-Tour training ride earlier this week: “If someone finds my Stages dash on Champs Elysees, please sync it. Thanks.”

12 Tour stages are on there however. (All titled ‘lunch ride’ or ‘afternoon ride’ – Pogacar isn’t one for changing default ride names).

There’s no actual power data – and at times not even Strava’s somewhat woolly guesstimations of power based on weight and incline – but there’s still plenty to pore over though if you fancy feeling athletically inadequate for half an hour or so.

The most interesting uploads are probably Pogacar’s two other stage victories, Stage 9 and Stage 15 (or ‘Lunch ride’ and ‘Lunch ride’ as he would have it.)

The former saw him set the KOM time on the Col de Marie Blanque, a 24m28s effort for which he averaged somewhere around 420 watts, according to Strava. He scaled the 8% climb at an average speed of 22.5km/h (14mph).

Stage 15 finished atop the 17.4km climb of the Grand Colombier. This too brought a KOM for Pogacar.

There are no power figures for this one – and Strava being Strava, there about nine different subtly different segments for the climb – but he got up there in around 46 minutes at a similar sort of speed.

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