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Muc-Off oversized pulley wheel system to debut in Tour de France time trial

Lightweight Oversized Precision Shifting system was developed in partnership with McLaren

Today’s Tour de France time trial will see Muc-Off's Lightweight Oversized Precision Shifting (LOPS) oversized pulley wheel system make its debut on the bike used by Team Bahrain-McLaren leader, Mikel Landa.

Seemingly a direct rival to CeramicSpeed’s oversized pulley wheel system, LOPS was developed by Muc-Off in partnership with McLaren.

Larger pulley wheels are considered more efficient because the less the chain has to articulate as it engages and disengages the wheels, the less friction is produced.

The trade-off is weight, but Muc-Off says LOPS is lighter and stiffer than pulley wheel systems from leading competitors.

Muc-Off LOPS

The 13-tooth upper pulley wheel and 19-tooth lower one are made from aerospace grade aluminium, which are then coated to further reduce friction. The cage is titanium.

“Project Landa” will also see the rider benefit from the firm’s, “fastest ever lubricant and chain combination.”

Geared specifically towards the 36.2km time trial, this basically means they decided, “to tip the efficiency-durability axis heavily in favour of the former and go all-in for speed.”

The bearings are ceramic, lubricated with “a special synthetic hydrocarbon.”

Speaking about the project, Muc-Off managing director, Alex Trimnell, said: "Our partnership with Team Bahrain-McLaren presents us with opportunities to work with world-class athletes and world-class engineers.

“Together, in the earliest days of the partnership, we identified an opportunity to develop an oversized pulley wheel system. To lead on its development and delivery during a pandemic is a testament to the people I'm proud to call colleagues.”

He added: “Our people dug deep to meet a non-negotiable deadline, and Mikel will now start what might be the most important time-trial of his career with a significant technical advantage.”

Landa begins the Stage 20 time trial in fifth overall, 3m28s behind leader Primoz Roglic.

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Dhill | 3 years ago

Like the colour looks very nice.

Sriracha | 3 years ago
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As I'm sure I've read on this very site, if the marketing spiel includes "aerospace grade", you are being sold snake oil. Unless you are going into space.

AlsoSomniloquism replied to Sriracha | 3 years ago

In theory it means if it  breaks, then Muc Off can trace exactly the batch, process and all other things used in its manufacture. It doesn't exactly mean it is better then a standard materials. Why they would want to do this though......

tony.westclassi... | 3 years ago

There is some smoke and mirrors out there, and the amount of crap specken buy the trade, these pully wheels have been avaliable, Carbon or Titanium or Alu from China for year& with ceramic bearings for less than £20, ive got some, just look at the trade selling add,s BUT the Tour was Won, In fact, first & Second, with NO disc Brakes, NO huge tyres, NO aero this and that, NO computers of any kind, AS IT SHOULD BE, just an athlete and a bike ???

AlsoSomniloquism replied to | 3 years ago
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Not sure where you are getting no computers and no aeros from for the win. Yes Pog didn't use a computer for the final TT but was on an aero bike with aero clothes and aero helmet, and he did use a computer in other races because there are strava records. 

lesterama | 3 years ago
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"Project Landa" needs more than marginal gains when it comes to TT bikes.

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