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Lorry gets stuck on climb of Tour de France Stage 8

The truck was stuck on the Côte de Mont-Saxonnex - but thankfully it now appears to have been moved

A driver managed to get his lorry stuck on the corner of a climb on today's stage of the Tour de France.

Thankfully, after a few moments of panic with incorrect reports claiming the truck was stuck on today's final climb, news came through that the vehicle had been cleared. 

Images from the scene showed a queue of amateur cyclists waiting behind the truck which became wedged on a corner of the Côte de Mont-Saxonnex.

Initially, it was feared the lorry had become stuck on today's final climb, the 7.5km long Col de la Colombière.

Fortunately, we now have video evidence of the truck being removed from the Côte de Mont Saxonnex and drama has been averted. For now. 

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