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"Fuming" James Corden knocked off bike in central London

A witness said the TV star angrily confronted another cyclist who "darted across the road and sent him flying" as Corden cycled alongside his wife...

The Late Late Show host and former Gavin and Stacey star James Corden was involved in a crash while riding a Santander Cycles hire bike through central London yesterday.

Witnesses report the 43-year-old hitting the ground while trying to avoid another rider who "darted across the road" and received some choice words from Corden once he was back on his feet.

Corden was reportedly heard swearing at the other rider after the fall on Regent Street in central London at around 10am yesterday, with one witness telling The Sun newspaper the comedian and actor was "fuming".

"Corden was fuming. This young cyclist just darted across the road and sent him flying," they said.

"It must have really taken him by surprise. He had no cuts or bruises but it must have hurt.

"He ticked off the cyclist who said 'sorry'. Everyone just stopped and stared when they realised who it was."

In a video which is part of the tabloid's original story, Corden can be seen picking up his Santander Cycles hire bike before talking to a motorist who had asked if he was okay.

Corden is stepping down from his host role on US chat show The Late Late Show next year but, in 2015, took time to criticise opponents of bike lanes in a California city during a segment on his show.

> Video: James Corden takes aim at bike lane opponents

Corden joked the city was in "crisis" and "being bike lanes". Following a short video piece which told viewers that in Coronado 70 per cent of school students walk or cycle to school, Corden sarcastically commented: "What a truly horrifying place to live."

James Corden (The Late Late Show still)

"It looks like utopia, but there are actually people who have a problem with the number of bike lanes [...] it's ridiculous. Who are these people? Who could possibly have a problem with bike lanes? Well, it's the same people who always have a problem — rich, old, white ladies..."

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