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Disturbing footage allegedly shows teenager kill cyclist in shocking hit-and-run

A 17-year-old has been charged with murder in relation to the incident which saw retired police chief 64 year-old Andreas Probst killed in Las Vegas last month

Following the death of a retired police chief who was killed in a hit-and-run while cycling in Las Vegas last month, police in the Nevada city arrested a 17-year-old driver and are now investigating a shocking video which emerged on social media allegedly showing the incident.

In the footage, filmed by the passenger and widely shared on social media this weekend, a driver is seen travelling towards a cyclist, the two occupants of the vehicle laughing before one can be heard saying "yeah, hit his ass" seconds before the collision.

Afterwards, someone is heard saying "he got knocked out" before another voice adds "get out of here".

Las Vegas hit-and-run (Twitter)

Police are now asking for information about the passenger who filmed the incident, believed to be the hit-and-run which killed Mr Probst at around 6am on 14 August. The Daily Mail has stated a video analysis "confirms it [the video] shows the same location where Mr Probst was killed, on a stretch of North Tenaya Way, near West Centennial Parkway." 

Police in Las Vegas arrested a 17-year-old, who was charged with murder soon after the crash and taken to a juvenile detention centre. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is "actively working to identify the passenger in the car". The driver arrested, also associated with the theft of several other vehicles on the morning of the hit-and-run, is not being named due to his age.

Mr Probst was taken to University Medical Center but was confirmed dead. His daughter, Taylor, explained to the Review-Journal that the family had seen an alert from her father's Apple Watch telling them he had fallen off his bike, prompting her and her mother, Crystal, to rush to the crash scene.

Las Vegas hit-and-run (Twitter)

On arrival they discovered that Mr Probst had been taken to hospital, but Crystal, who came "from law enforcement in my younger days" was "able to ascertain, there's his bike, his helmet is way over there, his phone is way over there. I'm like, this is not good".

A memorial service on September 7 saw a ghost bike left to mark the collision spot, police officers, cyclists and family among the crowd which gathered to hear his wife describe her husband as "an amazing man" who was "honestly like a ray of sunshine that just bled through your life".

Mr Probst's 35-year career in the police saw him work mainly in California before he moved to Las Vegas in 2009 to take a remote job for a security consulting firm.

Viewer discretion is advised due to the violent nature of the footage...

The renewed police appeal following the footage coming to light came just days after a suspected was arrested in Huntington Beach, California, after three cyclists were struck during a series of allegedly intentional hit-and-run incidents.

The third victim, 70-year-old Steven Gonzales died as a result of his injuries, while the first two cyclists suffered minor injuries.

At around 10.30pm last Sunday, a cyclist was sideswiped by the driver of a black Toyota, roughly 15 minutes before a second incident saw a similar incident unfold. Finally, 15 minutes after the second hit-and-run, Mr Gonzales was fatally struck.

On Tuesday, officers arrested a teenager, whose age and name has not been given. Mario Obejas of the Beach Cities Cycling Club said the attacks were "devastating but not surprising".

"There are drivers who carry a lot of anger when they're out, and they're looking to take it out on someone," he told the Los Angeles Times. "Unfortunately, we're often the target [...] we're just a group of people in their 50s and 60s going out for a ride. It's scary sometimes."

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