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"I'd be careful taking training advice from him": F1 star goes cycling with Lance Armstrong

A certain Texan was pictured training alongside Valtteri Bottas in Colorado

Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas is well worth a follow on Strava. His partner is Canyon–SRAM's Tiffany Cromwell and he regularly gets out on the bike to stay fit (when he's not whizzing around the track at 200mph)...

When the Finn's latest training, in Colorado, dropped onto our Strava feed we didn't think too much of it. That was until we read: 'Valtteri Bottas rode with Tiffany Cromwell, Lance Armstrong and 2 others'...hold your horses, the Lance Armstrong?

Sure enough, with photographic evidence to prove it, the Alfa Romeo driver hit the high-altitude slopes around Aspen with the disgraced formerly seven-time Tour de France winner.

Valtteri Bottas Lance Armstrong (Image: Valtteri Bottas/Twitter Strava)

Along with current pro rider Cromwell, the group rode up to 2,500m above sea level, summiting the Prince Creek Road climb, and enjoying some of the long gravel trails the state is known for.

In the 30°C heat, Bottas and Co. rode 105km at 28km/h average speed through the mountains, ascending 1,142m along the way.

Strava Valtteri Bottas Lance

Perhaps inevitably Bottas' company did not go unnoticed when he shared a snap from the ride on social media. And while the majority of his Strava followers who left comments seemed pretty excited to see the collab, many elsewhere were not...

One follower warned Bottas to "be careful taking training advice from him", while another was more perturbed than anything by Lance's rainbow band sleeve (a race win which still stands, we should add).

Last month, Bottas warmed up for the Melbourne Grand Prix with a 30km/h ride along the coast. In the same month he was also spotted at the Tour of Flanders, cheering on his partner Cromwell.

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