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Frightening footage of moment cyclists were charged by rampaging bull at California bike race

Videos from the event show riders being knocked from their bikes and thrown in the air by the animal

Shocking footage from California shows the moment a bull charged multiple riders, giving one whiplash, at the Rock Cobbler off-road sportive on Saturday.

The animal was seen ramming at least two riders off their bikes, in both instances then returning to throw the cyclists in the air a second time.

Perhaps fortunately considering the size and aggression of the bull, one case of whiplash was the most serious injury reported, after the animal rampaged through the field at the Bianchi-sponsored 80-mile off-road event in Bakersfield.

In one clip a competitor can be seen trying to ride past the animal, only to be rammed off their bike and thrown into the air in front of horrified onlookers.

Spectators could be heard shouting "oh s***" and "goddamit" before trying to whistle the animal away from the injured cyclist.

Cowboy State Daily reports the man involved, Tony Inderbitzin, is sore but relieved to have escaped relatively unseverely injured.

"I’m sore all over, mostly the neck from the second throw, I got whiplashed," he explained. 

"The list of what doesn’t hurt is my left arm and head. I was worried I would be sorer today, but pretty much the same as yesterday, so that’s a relief."

A nearby competitor stopped to help Mr Inderbitzen and said "he was in shock and not doing so hot. We chose to wait a while until Mr Bull went on his way."

Another video shared on Twitter shows a group of cyclists hurridly scrambling past the animal as it charges after another rider, ramming the competitor off their bike.

The cyclist is then seen running down the hillside away from the bull.

 The Bianchi Rock Cobbler is described by the event's website as a "stupidly hard ride bordering on a race [...] conceived by drunken madmen" and involves riders covering close to 2,000m of off-road elevation over 80 miles of dirt and gravel.

The organisers certainly did not have dodging dangerous animals in mind, but did promise "adventure", short steep climbs, hiking your bike and "shenanigans galore" for the 500 riders on the start line.

Animal attack encounters in the United States are terrifyingly more serious than here in the UK. In October a cyclist in Alaska survived being charged and mauled by a brown bear.

The 500lb animal mauled the cyclist inflicting lacerations and puncture wounds. The rider, who had a gun but opted not to use the weapon, was taken to hospital for treatment.

In July, a grizzly bear that killed bikepacking cyclist in Montana was shot dead.

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