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Cyclist hurt after eggs thrown at her by car passenger

Megan Brown was riding on the Horseshoe Pass in North Wales when she was targeted

A ​cyclist from North Wales has told of how she fell off her bike after eggs were thrown at her by a passenger of a vehicle that was overtaking her.

Megan Brown, who works as an A&E nurse, is now nervous about cycling alone following the incident in Denbighshire, reports the Daily Post.

The 35-year-old from Wrexham, who takes part in triathlons, was riding on the Horseshoe Pass when the incident happened.

She said: “It could have been a very different outcome if it been just a bit further along where the hill just disappears at the side of the road.

“It was disgusting behaviour,” she said of the incident in the A542 Golf gave her a close pass as she rode towards Llangollen.

“I was minding my own business when the car came past at speed – it must have been going 60-70mph,” she explained.

“I looked down and saw eggs smashing. I lost my balance, swerved and came off my bike, most likely due to the shock.”

While she was able to remember the make and colour of the car, she could not recall the registration of the vehicle.

 “I asked people there if they had caught the registration plate,” she said. “They hadn’t but they had seen how fast and reckless the car was being driven.

“I called 101. They wanted to call an ambulance but I was only bruised and shaken up.” She reported the incident to North Wales Police before cycling home.

“I think it was a prank,” she added. “I’ve heard of these on social media. It’s a challenge, you get more points if you actually hit the cyclist.”

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Bungle_52 | 1 year ago

I hate to say this but never ride without a camera.

I'm finding, like a lot of other people, that many drivers are now giving more room and waiting longer to overtake but the punishment passes and other deliberate intimidating behaviours are getting worse.

Quiddle replied to Bungle_52 | 1 year ago

Or never ride in an area policed by an indolent constabulary. If the model and colour of the car and time of incident are known it's no great hardship to trace the vehicle from CCTV and ANPR.

Inspector Kevin... replied to Quiddle | 1 year ago

I'm sorry but that's simply not true. 

There are many areas of the country where there is simply no ANPR coverage. Especially areas that are rural. I don't know about this particular road, but ANPR is not as omnipresent as people believe. 

Also most people's CCTV systems are designed to protect their property from burglars. At 25 FPS on a 1080p system you are exceedingly unlikely to get a frame with a clear VRM. I was struggling to get a VRM from 5 minutes of 1080p footage at 25 FPS where the car was within 2m of my dash cam (plate reflecting too much light or motion blur as it goes at speed in low light). 

People's expectations of what is a simple enquiry are far too high, probably due to the ridiculous amount of unrealistic police procedurals that seem to have take over TV.

(Also you forgot trying to get DNA off the egg shells or downloading all cell towers in the area to try and establish the occupants.)

Realistic advice - always ride with a camera, preferably 2(and even then you might not get the reg). 

BIRMINGHAMisaDUMP | 1 year ago

I had a Mars Bar thrown at me. That hurt. And a full can of Coke - which luckily missed me. I wonder why people get enjoyment from throwing things at people who are just cycling to work. 

Awavey replied to BIRMINGHAMisaDUMP | 1 year ago

Ive had half a McDonalds milkshake chucked at me once which missed hitting me directly but I got hit by the secondary impact as it hit the road and disintegrated, pretty sure Ive been egged too but again they missed me but was only when I was cleaning my bike post ride thinking where on earth did this eggshell and yoke come from, oh was it that bit when that car passed me and the passengers were being idiots

but it was the 1.5l bottle of coke, which was full, that came flying out of a car at me, for me daring to complain about their previous close pass, that missed me, almost took out pedestrian on the pavement who probably wondered wtf was going on as 1.5l of coke explodes around them, that convinced me it was time to get a camera, especially as that vehicles driver next move was to wait in a bus stop ahead for me, let me pass and then absolutely attempted to knock me my bike with their car when they overtook again. all the detail I could remember about it afterward was it was a car.

so not that it helps as its always a shocking experience that people want to do this stuff to you but my impression is alot of the numpties that do these things arent very good at working out speeds and moving objects and generally miss.

Rendel Harris replied to BIRMINGHAMisaDUMP | 1 year ago

A pal of mine had a full can of beer thrown at him from a car behind, missed, hit a lamppost and rebounded straight into the car's windscreen. Sadly didn't break it or make it crash but hopefully gave them a nasty moment.


kil0ran | 1 year ago

Clearly deliberate and pre-meditated, which should be a factor if they ever catch the scrote.

Gus T | 1 year ago

I wonder if they car owner would regard it as a prank if their car was egged?

kil0ran replied to Gus T | 1 year ago

I hear that a flour, bicarb, and water mix to go with the egg is highly effective when painted on windscreens, door mirrors, light lenses etc, particularly if the car is parked in hot sun.

pockstone replied to kil0ran | 1 year ago
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Mmmm! Bacon and maple syrup too, please.

OldRidgeback replied to kil0ran | 1 year ago
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kil0ran wrote:

I hear that a flour, bicarb, and water mix to go with the egg is highly effective when painted on windscreens, door mirrors, light lenses etc, particularly if the car is parked in hot sun.

Mix in a bit of wet fish. It'll really smell too on a hot day.

Sriracha | 1 year ago
Quote: get more points if you actually hit the cyclist.

yeah, hopefully on the licence of the driver, and likewise for any and all in the car if they have a licence too - joint enterprise.

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