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Bradley Wiggins slammed for saying Sam Bennett could be "considered British"; Speeding drivers doubled risk for London cyclists during lockdown; Confusion over new govt rules for cyclists; Peloton launch Bike+; 45g 9-in-1 multitool + more on the live blog

Welcome to Wednesday's live blog, with Jack Sexty providing your updates throughout the day...
09 September 2020, 15:40
Speeding drivers doubled the risk for London cyclists during lockdown, finds TfL study
London cyclists (coyright

Cited in the Evening Standard, TfL's study found that cyclists and pedestrians were twice as likely to be killed or seriously injured in London during the lockdown because of a huge increase in speeding.  

TfL recorded 38 deaths in London between 20th March and 29th August - including three cyclists - and found that while the total number was down, this was almost entirely due to a much lower number of pedestrian deaths, because there were far fewer people on the streets. They also reported that suburban areas were the most dangerous for cyclists, with injuries increasing in zones three to five.  

The findings mirrors countrywide statistics from the early stages of the lockdown, which found that cyclist deaths were running at almost twice the national average for the time of year in April. While there could have been other factors at play, some road safety campaigners and experts attributed it to a sharp rise in dangerous drivers taking advantage of quieter roads, even though there were less vehicles on them.

09 September 2020, 13:16
"We could almost consider him British": Bradley Wiggins under fire for Sam Bennett comments, and mocking Sean Kelly's accent

Discussing Irishman Sam Bennett's stage win on Eurosport's "The Breakaway" show with Sean Kelly, the 2012 Tour de France champ appears to have offended most of Ireland with his comments, saying: "We can almost consider him [Bennett] British, I know that you lot won't like that will you."

Kelly did not look amused, telling Wiggins: “You’re not going to claim him”... and instead of apologising, Wiggins doubled down with a comeback mocking Kelly's accent, saying: "We spoke to him [Bennett] at the Vuelta last year when he came on our show, and at least we can understand what he’s saying. We can’t really understand what you’re saying Sean, can we?”

Social media was generally not amused, with one even calling the comments "casual racism". Wiggins hasn't addressed the backlash, instead just writing "what a day for Sam" on his Twitter account this afternoon. 

09 September 2020, 15:20
Tour latest: Bennett wins intermediate sprint, two riders abandon

Bennett has tightened his grip on green, while Gregor Mühlberger of Bora-Hansgrohe has been forced out due to illness, and Jon Izagirre of Astana has abandoned after a heavy crash - Izagirre is conscious and receiving checks from medics. 

09 September 2020, 15:18
Prime Minister giving briefing on new coronavirus rules, banning gatherings of more than six in England
boris johnson - screenshot via bbc news.PNG

Accompanied by chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, Boris Johnson is delivering a press conference on the new rules that come into force on Monday - you can watch live on the BBC

09 September 2020, 15:33
In favour of Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes? All hell will break loose...

Granted this was filmed in Groningen last Saturday as German and Dutch football hooligans clashed (why else would there be so many bikes?) but from some of the comments seen on some forums about the implementation of LTNs in London, we can see why the comparison has been made...

09 September 2020, 13:51
Will Sam Bennett double up today?

Funnily enough, Sean Kelly was the last Tour de France stage winner in Poitiers in 1978. He'll be hoping for another Irish (definitely not British, Mr Wiggins) win on stage 11 today. 

09 September 2020, 12:34
45g 9-in-1 multi-tool launching soon on Kickstarter
daysaver multi-tool - via daysaver.PNG

The Daysaver's Swiss creators have partnered with PB Swiss Tools to get the super light tool ready for production, and will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks. It features a T25, 2,3,5, 6 and 8mm hex key sizes, a slot tool and an extra round bit that they say is "up to you" how it is used. Magnets ensure all the parts stay in place, and the shape means there will be no struggle to tighten your bolts in awkward places, as is the case with some bulkier multi-tools. 

Prices are TBC, but you can check out for more info. 

09 September 2020, 12:15
Reader letter on "the lycra-clad" accompanied by photo of cyclists wearing coats and work trousers

Not only is the photo not really the best choice to depict 'lycra-clad' cyclists, the reader letter is a load of old cobblers to boot. 

Andrew Mercer writes in the Yorkshire Post: "Our hubristic Harrogate councillors who are planning to spend huge sums of hard-earned money on ludicrous, segregated cycle paths, to the disadvantage of the majority, motorist and pedestrian, should take note.

"Their obsession with cycling led to the horrendous damage to the Stray which has taken almost a year to remedy. If the lycra-clad want their own freeways, then let them pay for them by way of tax."

Time for a motorway tax too then, Mr Mercer? 

09 September 2020, 10:58
New rules on social gatherings: we're still none the wiser
Cyclists in park (picture credit Simon MacMichael(

We've asked Cycling UK and British Cycling for comment on what the government's new rules on social gatherings in England will mean for cyclists and cycling events, with the former telling us that they are "trying to work out what it all means" and will be deciding on a policy soon. 

As mentioned further down the page, it's unclear if British Cycling's reintroduction of non-competitive events such as sportives - permitted from 5th September - will be affected. Here's what British Cycling say in their Way Forward document: "The greatest consideration for organisers is ensuring that groups riding together during the event do not exceed the size permitted by Government guidelines - which is currently (as of 20/08/2020) six riders. At no point in your event should groups exceeding this limit be riding together."

It's unclear if an event constitutes a gathering, or whether the event will be held under the guise that people will not mingle or ride together in groups of more than six.

For informal group or club rides, existing government guidelines allow gatherings of more than six from up to two households to exercise "providing members of different households can follow social distancing guidelines"; but the new rules appear to mean that the group mustn't exceed six people at all from 14th September. Health secretary Matt Hancock said on BBC this morning: "In social settings, you can''t gather in groups of more than six. That's it, [a] really super simple rule."

09 September 2020, 11:33
Tour de France stage 11 is away, with a crash happening before the departe

The 167.5 km stage from Châtelaillon-Plage to Poitiers will see the peloton move away from the coast, with the flat-ish profile making this one for the sprinters.

There was also a crash before the race proper even started. The CCC rider looks like he's had a different kind of accident there...

09 September 2020, 10:41
Coming soon: first ride on the new Basso Diamante SV

Someone's gotta do it, so Liam and cameraman Matt have been sent to the Dolomites to try out Basso's revamped Diamante SV. Video coming soon, or check out our Instagram stories for fooling around and general silliness. 

09 September 2020, 08:55
Peloton launch new Bike+, and drop price of original to 'just' £1,750

Peloton hasn't really taken off amongst the endemic cycling audience, with many of us put off by the £2,000 price tag and 40 quid month subscription, when a top-of-the-range smart trainer is half the price and many training apps cost peanuts. There were also the cringey ad campaigns, including that one where a wife receives a Peloton for Christmas and proceeds to make a creepy video diary about it to please her husband, which was reportedly responsible for knocking $1 billion off their share value back in December. 

Even so Peloton are hoping cheaper pricing on their original bike might be enough to tempt some more over before the new Bike+ arrives, knocking it down to £1,750. The Bike+ upgrades are outlined in the video above, including a new rotating touchscreen, automatic resistance adjustment and enhanced sound so you can "feel the energy through the speakers". 

The Bike+ will ship to the UK in December, priced at £2,295, or £59 a month on finance. This is on top of the £39 a month fee for a Peloton subscription to access virtual classes and workouts. 

09 September 2020, 08:26
Do the new coronavirus rules apply to cyclists?
Blenheim Triathlon drafting (copyright Simon MacMichael).PNG

Once again, people are finding themselves slightly confused by the government's new announcement that in England from 14th September, only six people can meet socially, indoors or outdoors, with fines of £100 dished out to those who don't comply. Some exemptions are made, including 'team sports organised in a way limiting the spread of coronavirus', and we're assuming that doesn't mean social bike rides... so we're also assuming group rides will only be legal if there are six people or less riding together. As we understand it the rules could also mean that sportive-type cycling events are off, even though British Cycling said such events that abide by government rules on outdoor sport and physical activity could resume from 5th September in their Way Forward document. 

A full list of the changes will be published on Monday, so we'll be checking for any exemptions that might apply to cyclists. 

09 September 2020, 09:47
Government give red light jumpers free pass
09 September 2020, 08:50
Sam Bennett on THAT interview after his maiden Tour de France stage win

The Irishman was overwhelmed after winning stage 10 yesterday, and has finally held back the tears to provide some analysis in the form of a gif. If you missed it, here is the totes emosh moment again... 

09 September 2020, 08:44
First there was the Road Tax Bot, now there's "Stupid shit people say on Facebook about cycling"

After we discovered the Road Tax Bot yesterday, another Twitter account has popped up to expose untruths about cycling and cyclists, this time simply copying and pasting the comments with no further analysis needed. If you want road tax, "as a cyclist myself" and wild conspiracy theories, this is the place. 

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