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'No Saddle Guy' proves doubters wrong with virtual 100 mile ride (+ exclusive interview); Is Elon Musk confused about congestion?; Fundraiser for Eritrean star; Worst parking pic ever; Are flashing lights safer than solids? + more on the live blog

We've got Nick Howes continuing to man the fort on the blog front today before Dan Alexander takes back over the reins after his time off on Wednesday...
23 November 2021, 15:05
Update: We speak exclusively to Cycle Jockey after his 100 mile ride out of the saddle!

Earlier today we reported that Cycle Jockey - AKA Chad Tavernia - had managed the incredible feat of riding 100 miles whilst standing up on his home trainer, and we've now been able to speak to the man himself to get his reaction.

Here's what he had to say: "The ride was very difficult and got progressively harder as it went along because I didn't take any breaks for eating or drinking - just nearly five hours of continuous pedaling.

"Over the course of the challenge I developed discomfort in my left wrist and had a very bad hot spot on the bottom of my right foot. At one point I thought I may have to stop but thankfully I was able to redistribute my weight enough to reduce the pain and I was able to keep riding."

Asked how it felt to chalk up the century, and have people following his progress the world over, he added: "I was very happy to reach the 100 mile mark and the energy drink I had immediately after it never tasted so good!

"I've been very excited to have following my no saddle rides and I'd thoroughly reccomend it to anybody who wants to try it, it's a great total body workout!"

Read more about Cycle Jockey's ride in the post a little further down this page and keep your ears peeled as we're hoping to get him on a future edition of The Podcast.

23 November 2021, 16:29
It would be pretty easy to get around this problem, but surely that's not the point?

Twitter - the gift that unfortunately keeps on giving when it comes to laughable yet alarming photos of poorly executed cycle infrastructure in the UK...

23 November 2021, 16:41
It's not about the bike...

As cyclists we're all used to assessing risk every time we throw our legs over a bike, which means you might be interested in a new way of thinking coming out of Germany which suggests adding greater risk to playgrounds could actually help make children more 'risk competent' as a result. 

The theory has been supported by the German insurance industry who believe the current safety culture is stunting kids' risk assessing abilities. This leads on from an influential  2004 study which, according to this thought-provoking article in The Guardian, found that "children who had improved their motor skills in playgrounds at an early age were less likely to suffer accidents as they got older".

What are your thoughts on this? Does it sound like a reasonable theory to you or do we have a duty of care to make sure our children remain out of harm's way as they grow?

23 November 2021, 15:50
GoFundMe appeal launched for family of Eritrean star fatally injured whilst training
Desiet Kidane

A GoFundMe appeal has been launched to raise money for the family of Desiet Kidane after the Eritrean cycling talent was knocked off her bike and killed whilst on a training ride earlier this month. 

The fundraiser has been set up by her former team-mate Elyas Afewerki, who is aiming to raise €50,000.

Kidane had looked to have a bright future ahead of her, and despite being just 21 years old at the time of her death, had already made waves in the world of professional cycling. 

As a junior she'd won both the road race and time trial at the 2018 African Continental Championships and was crowned national time trial champion the following season before taking part in the UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire.

Along the way she'd earned a place on the UCI's World Cycling Centre programme and this season competed in the Elite Women's Road Race at the World Championships in Belgium whilst also picking up a top-20 finish at La Périgord Ladies in France.

The GoFundMe account for Kidane’s family can be found here.

23 November 2021, 15:44
Can £50 really buy you some decent cycling shoes?
Evans Cycles_Pinnacle 2021 Shoe Range

Focused on offering comfort, stability and style wrapped up in an “outstanding value for money package”, Evans Cycles has launched its new Pinnacle shoe range with road, MTB and lifestyle options, all priced at £50 across its men’s and women’s versions. 

The Pinnacle Radiums are the three-bolt road cycling shoes which feature a synthetic microfibre for breathability, a nylon outsole that should provide some stiffness without compromising on comfort, as well as a single velcro strap and Turn Lock Fastening system. Inside the shoe there is also a soft padded collar and a non-slip heel to keep you securely in place when pacing it. 

For off-road outings, the Pinnacle Maple Mountain Bike shoes are tightened up via three velcro fastenings and a reinforced toe box is included for protection against the rougher terrain and inevitable knocks. 

Also brand new are some shoes for everyday use both on and off the bike. The Pinnacle Cedar shoes have a padded collar and tongue for enhanced comfort, while the non-slip heel and heel loop add stability. There's even an abrasion panel wrapped around the toes to protect the shoes from scuffs.

We'll try and get our hands on some so we can give them a full review.

23 November 2021, 14:07
Has Elon Musk missed the point on solving global traffic congestion?

Now don't get us wrong, Elon Musk is clearly a genius, but hasn't he missed the point a bit with this reply on Twitter?

Surely, the answer to global traffic congestion will not be solved by moving the problem (quite literally) underground? 

23 November 2021, 14:23
Veteran cycling doctor Bernand Sainz goes on trial for doping in France

Photo: Archives EPA

If you thought the days of stories concerning doping in cycling had disappeared, then sadly think again.

A doctor has gone on trial in France after he was caught on camera bragging about how he could prescribe banned substances to a pro rider.

Bernand Sainz was recorded making the claims in an undercover investigation by France Télévision and Le Monde back in 2016. 

Accroding to Le Télégramme, Sainz was caught advising a cyclist to take EPO, and in coded language, how to use chelidonium [a powerful anabolic agent]. He went on to describe how he could also prescribe vitamin D for the corticosteroid diprosten, all of which are banned in competition.

Joining Sainz in Paris's Criminal Court are former cyclist Loïc Herbreteau and actor Pierre-Marie Carlier. 

Herbreteau is accused of putting athletes in touch with Dr Sainz while Carlier is alleged to have put his own son, Alexis, in contact with him 'for the benefit of sporting performance'.

The trial is due to run until Monday 29 November. We'll keep on top of it and let you know once the verdict has been given. 

23 November 2021, 08:46
Cycle Jockey AKA 'No Saddle Guy' achieves 100-mile virtual ride totally standing up to silence his critics
Cycle Jockey Chad Tavernia 100 miles

Anticipation surrounding this groundbreaking event couldn't have been higher after we plugged it on the live blog yesterday, and for those of you who are wondering how he got on, we're pleased to confirm Cycle Jockey DID INDEED manage to ride 100 miles completely standing up!

As you can see from the screengrab taken from his Strava page, Chad Tavernia completed this incredible feat in 4hr 28min 35sec.  

What made the ride even more impressive was the fact he didn't eat and barely drank for the full duration of it, and if the stats are to be believed, he burned 2,846 calories along the way.

The achievement was also screened live on his Facebook page to prove his efforts were legit, after a number of doubters poured scorn on his original assertion that he had completed this feat whilst riding outside over the summer.   

In his victory post, he revealed it was "The hardest ride I have ever done… The last 40 miles was shear refuse to fail."

Cycle Jockey, we salute you! 

Could this now be an event to rival the Hour Record? How far do you think you could ride for completely out of the saddle, and do you reckon you could go even quicker than Chad did? Answers in the comments please.

23 November 2021, 11:10
Have you ever seen parking which is less considerate to cyclists than this?

Sometimes you've just got to laugh, if not you might well cry... 🤦


23 November 2021, 09:57
To flash or not to flash... that is the question

This Tweet from @CycleGaz caused a range of debate overnight so we thought we'd share it on here too to see what your thoughts are:

Do you prefer to use flashing lights on your bike at night, or, in your opinion, do you find it's actually safer to use solid lights instead, even if they're not as attention-grabbing?


23 November 2021, 10:20
A ride a day could help keep Alzheimer’s away
Cyclists on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice (copyright Simon MacMichael)

It's long been known that staying active can improve our physical health, but new research has suggested a daily bike ride could help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in older people.

The results were published in The Journal of Neuroscience following a study which followed 167 elderly people to examine the relationship between physical activity and the activation of the cells which cause that inflammation.

Experts at the University of California found physical activity such as cycling helps reduce inflammation in the brain, which improves cognitive processes.

If ever there was a reason to keep on riding, this has got to be right up there.

23 November 2021, 10:51
Follow us into the woods with this beautifully built Crust Romanceur

If you like traditional-looking bikes and have a penchant for a classic rock soundtracks, you could do a lot worse than checking out this new video from the team at The Woods Cyclery which shows off a beautiful Crust Romanceur they constructed with a classic Campagnolo groupset, Brooks saddle, and evident touch of class.

Once it was built they then took it for a fun spin in a nearby forest, and these are the results:

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