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Cycle lane 'a bit crap' because cars can still park in it, says councillor

"It will be helpful in future if cycle lanes are not shared with parking.”...

A cycle lane in Sheffield has been branded 'a bit crap' by a local councillor - because cars are still allowed to park in it.

Double yellow lines were painted the length of Clarkehouse Road but because the cycle lane is classed as 'advisory', blue badge holders are still allowed to park there.

Coun Douglas Johnson, Executive member for transports, told a full council meeting: “An advisory cycle lane is about as much use as the council website at the moment and frankly, the website’s not up to date as it’s outsourced.

"A cycle lane that you can park cars in is a bit crap.”

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The Star reports that the discussion was prompted by Coun Cliff Woodcraft who said: “Parking restrictions were brought into force on Clarkehouse Road banning all parking. 

“Despite these restrictions there are numerous places where blue badge holders might legally park. The problem is that in doing so they obstruct the cycle lane, which according to council officers is only advisory and not enforceable. 

“However, the council and government websites say that cycle lanes cannot be parked in by blue badge holders. 

“What will Coun Johnson do to overcome this anomaly and ensure people with reduced mobility can access the Botanical Gardens and King Edwards swimming pool with confidence?”

Coun Johnson said blue badge holders could legally park on the double yellow lines for up to three hours, provided it was outside loading time restrictions and they did not cause an obstruction. 

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He added: “However, this clearly causes an obstruction by blocking a cycle lane, albeit an advisory one. 

“Should any blue badge holder not feel comfortable parking on Clarkehouse Road they could park on one of the side roads, on either yellow line restrictions, in unrestricted areas or in non-permit holder only parking bays.

"While this scheme was introduced under a previous administration, it will be helpful in future if cycle lanes are not shared with parking.”

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