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Pedestrian safety campaigner accuses "cycling fraternity" of "plotting" against him

However, Living Streets insists John Peacock was not dismissed as he claims and has not been involved with the organisation for five years

Active travel campaigning in Norfolk would not be your first stop for tales of plotting and accusation, but one disgruntled pedestrian safety campaigner has claimed of just that — the "local cycling fraternity" plotting against him, forcing him out of an organisation he has worked for since 1997.

John Peacock, 68, told the Norwich Evening News that he was last week told to "clear his desk" by the head office of Living Streets, the national charity formerly named the Pedestrians' Association before it later took up campaigning for issues of cycling too.

Mr Peacock took the lead of the Norwich branch 26 years ago but says he has been "aware" parts of the "local cycling fraternity" had been "plotting against" him.

"I have been aware that certain elements within the local cycling fraternity were plotting against me," he told the local press.

"They have long objected to my raising awareness of the imbalance in planning priorities between cyclists and pedestrians."

He argues Living Streets' 2001 decision to also campaign for issues affecting cycling has been detrimental to the organisation's messaging, with last week's developments a "slap in the face".

"The two simply do not mix. People did not join the Pedestrians' Association to become advocates for the cycling lobby," he continued.

"London Street was the first street in the UK to be pedestrianised, it's something we should be proud of. But I fear that is all gone. This is a slap in the face and shows a lack of professionalism. This came as a shock after being at the helm for 26 years."

However, in a plotting plot twist, a Living Streets spokesperson clarified that Mr Peacock both had not been dismissed and, to their understanding, had not been involved with the organisation for five years.

Living Streets also added that multiple local groups should be able to cooperate and function without issue. The charity added that it is grateful for Mr Peacock's years of service and hopes to resolve his frustration.

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