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Bradley Wiggins rates TT positions of the peloton in build up to Giro d'Italia stage 14 time trial

The TT specialist has plenty of time for Wilco Kelderman, but says Vincenzo Nibali's head is too high and João Almeida needs to sort out his baggy kit...

As an Olympic time trial champion, Tour de France winner and former Hour Record holder, Sir Bradley Wiggins certainly knows a thing or two about the humble TT. Ahead of today's stage 14 time trial, that was won convincingly by Filippo Ganna, Wiggo gave his thoughts on some aero set-ups of a number of riders... and not all of his feedback was positive. 

Should you get a bike fit? 

Analysing footage of the opening stage 1 time trial, Wiggins started by praising the position of Sunweb's Wilco Kelderman, appreciating the Dutchman's flat back and low head: "You can see that his race radio is taped up in the back of his helmet, and his suit is tight with hardly any creases", he commented. 

There was less love for the positions of Vincenzo Nibali, Jakob Fuglsang and current Maglia Rosa João Almeida. Wiggins said the former's head is is too high, while Almeida and Fuglsang are both losing aero gains because their race radios had slipped down the back of their skinsuits: "All that wind-tunnel testing and the slick aero back and then you go and put the radio down it", Wiggins said of Fuglsang. 

He also criticised the positioning of Almeida's computer and the creases in his skinsuit, saying: "What a race he’s had. But you can see his race radio again just on the back, his skinsuit is quite baggy with lots of creases in it.

"He’s got that praying mantis position, but you can see his Garmin there as well. All of these time trial bikes are put in the wind tunnel for a clean aerodynamic set-up and then you go and put a Garmin on it."

Wiggins didn't necessarily praise the position of world time trial champion Filippo Ganna, suggesting that his huge power is more than enough to make up for any lost marginal gains: "The king of the time trials is of course Filippo Ganna", said Wiggins. 

"He kind of defies all the odds really, although he does have quite a clean aero set-up. But what he possesses is simply raw power. At the end of the day you can have the best aerodynamic set-up in the world, but if you haven’t got the legs you’re going nowhere."

It turns out that Ganna's "raw power" coupled with a (sort of) Wiggo-approved aero set-up was more than enough to net him another barnstorming stage win, besting Ineos Grenadiers teammate Rohan Dennis by 26 secs to win the 34.1km time trial in 42:40. It's the third stage win of this Giro for Ganna, who also became the new TT world champion last month.

Almeida also came sixth despite his alleged baggy skinsuit and messy Garmin set-up, increasing his lead over all his general classification rivals; including Wiggo's TT set-up golden boy Kelderman, who finished ninth on the day and sits second in the GC standings. The top 10 results from stage 14 are below:

giro ditalia stage 14 top 10 - screenshot via giro ditalia.PNG

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tony.westclassi... | 3 years ago

Im surprised to see him out in the open now his jiffy bag provider is in the open, drinking (AGAIN) bankrupt, wife gone, Sckoda droped him, clothing Co, no interest, Nutrision gells, sold off in Lidl, wonder if dodgy dave is backing him.

Organon | 3 years ago

Is that Charles Bronson?

massive4x4 replied to Organon | 3 years ago

Organon wrote:

Is that Charles Bronson?

He said on his podcast that he was trying to look like Bronson...

As an aside one of my family was a chief warden at HMP Frankland, his review of actual Bronson (about 10-15 years ago) was "he's quite strong and knows most of the control techniques, but he can be reasoned with an the worst you will get is a black eye". He wasn't even in the top 10 most dangerous prisoners in HMP Frankland, some of the proper pyschos would shiv/garrot guards and the really dodgy organised criminals could have you/your family killed on the outside.

Ganna's position was copied from Huub-Wattbike it is worth ~1-2 seconds per km over what Wiggins was using hence why the omnium guys were beating Wiggins 2008 olympic record.

Rapha Nadal | 3 years ago

Is Wiggins training to be an orchestra conductor as I've never seen a presenter wave their hands around as much as he does?

werics | 3 years ago

Beer = held

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