Heart rate measurement on your computer without a chest strap

The Smart helmet is a really interesting new design from LifeBeam that measures your heart rate via a sensor on your forehead and relays it wirelessly to your bike computer. That means you don’t have to wear a heart rate strap around your chest.

LifeBeam is an Israeli company that uses technology developed for the defence and aerospace industries. They say that this sensor was first used by air force pilots who can be in danger of blacking out when subject to unusual G forces. The sensor is used to tell them if they’re at risk.

Here's Omry Czapnik from LifeBeam to explain how it all works:


Working with Lazer, LifeBeam have transferred the tech over to the sports world. The sensor sits right in the middle of your forehead and there’s a rechargeable processing unit incorporated into the back of the helmet. It sends your heart rate measurement via either ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 – you choose the version that works with the computer that you have.

The price of the helmet is US$199 if you preorder now, or US$250/€250 if you wait for the full release later in the year. Go to http://life-beam.com/portfolio/smart/ for all the details.

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