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Shimano recall road mechanical disc callipers

As the crowds flock to see the new hydraulic Shimano units there's issues with the mechanical ones

On the first day of Eurobike, when Shimano will be hoping that their new hydraulic road discs will be one of the big draws, it's a touch embarrasing for them that they've also had to issue a recall for their mechanical road disc callipers: BR-CX75, BR-R515 and BR-R315.

"Shimano has identified a potential performance issue with these brake calipers", says the recall. "So far, no injuries are reported. As a responsible company where the safety of our customers has top priority, Shimano is voluntarily recalling the brake calipers concerned. Shimano is replacing these with improved brake calipers in which the issue no longer exists."

So it's not clear from the recall exactly what the issue is – and everyone we could ask for more details is busy setting up at Eurobike – but it seems to be something to do with the calliper adjustment. "Readjustment of worn brake pads in the case of the brake calipers concerned should be performed by the bicycle dealer. However, it cannot be excluded that consumers and dealers will adjust the brake pads incorrectly. This can lead to that the braking force is being more difficult to control and brake performance can be influenced."

If you have a bike that's affected, or you're not sure, head over to your local Shimano dealer to have your callipers checked out.

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