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Avon and Somerset Police step up efforts on bike crime

Plain clothes officers out in force

Avon and Somerset Police have stepped up their efforts on bike crime in Bristol. Plain-clothes officers are out in force on the lookout for cycle thieves in the city.

And their attempts to crack down on bike theft were highlighted after two men, including a one-legged thief, were caught by plain-clothed police trying to make off with a bike in Bristol city centre.

Recent research indicates a bike is stolen in the UK every 65 seconds and the boom in cycling has created rich pickings for bike thieves.

Inspector Phil Davis of Avon and Somerset Police said in the Bristol Evening Post: "These arrests show that police in Bristol are taking cycle theft very seriously and we will come down hard on anyone we catch stealing bikes.

"We are working very hard to make Bristol a safe place to be a cyclist and are working closely with the council's Cycling City team to ensure that there are safe places for owners to park their bikes in the city.

"If you own a bike make sure you make it hard for thieves to steal by using a good quality lock and if you see anything suspicious around a cycle parking area please dial 999."

The news comes after Avon and Somerset Police were praised for their response by a cyclist after he was reunited with his classic Bob Jackson bike a year after it had been stolen.

Members of the forum discovered the ex-Londoner’s £1400 bike on eBay and Avon and Somerset Police recovered it the same day, and even delivered it to his home.

Mr Jones had said: “The police response in Bristol was phenomenal, and I was surprised, mainly due to my experiences with London police. They took the matter very seriously.

Bike forums are invaluable resources, with thousands of people looking out for rare parts, and some of Bristol’s police regularly sign in to them.


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