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Coffee Velo launch range of coffee blends

Like your coffee? New UK hand-roasting coffee brand launches

It’s well known that cyclists have a fondess for coffee (the staffers are fuelled by nothing less) so when cyclists come together and combine these two passions, we tend to take notice. Coffee Velo are new, launching only a short while ago, and came about by the simple desire to produce their own coffee. What started out as a hobby, has turned into a business, and they're now offering six blends of coffee through their website.

All good things start in a garage, and that’s where Coffee Velo started. With a retro roasting machine purchased on eBay and much fettling and trial and error, they fine tuned the process to the point where they were confident to start producing an espresso blend they liked.

It all started as a hobby, to produce their own coffee in the pursuit of the perfect blend, but soon led to many requests from friends. One thing led to another and they’re now confideent enough to sell a range of blends via their website. They're honest in their ambition, starting with just a small manageable range (the founders hold down full-time day jobs), yet still have six of their own blends listed on their website. As they roast in small batches they’re confident of ensuring customers get the freshest coffee possible. They’ve built up a loyal customer base since launching in January of this year. They also supply a couple of local cafes as well.

“If anyone else likes it then great, but cyclists are our key audience. Due to the really small operation we have lots of scope to do bespoke roasts for cafe's and lots of small run limited edition coffee's on the website etc. We offer each of our 6 current blends in beans or ground format, and it all comes in a really cool brown paper style ba, and hand marked and stamped label,” Coffee Velo tell us.

Prices are £5.99 plus delivery for any 250g bag, or £9.99 plus delivery for 500g. So if you like your coffee, get yourself over to for a closer look at their range.

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