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Proviz wins Red Dot design award

Triviz electroluminescent lighting panel gets international gong

Triviz, the flagship product from Proviz, has won a prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award.

The Triviz is a removable electroluminescent lighting panel that attaches to Proviz products – it’s the blue, glowing triangle on the rucksack in our main picture. You can swap the system easily from one product to another.

The blue light is created by organic, specially treated phosphor.  Proviz say that the Triviz triangle, part of their Nightrider range, is considerably more effective at night than LED lighting. It is recharged by a USB connection and is lightweight, at only 120g including the lithium battery. The run time is 12+ hours constant and 16+ hours in flashing mode. The retail price is £29.99.

We reviewed the Proviz Rucksack Triviz Comp, including the Triviz system, a couple of months ago.

Our man Shaun said, “The Triviz is literally brilliant, particularly since the blue triangle cannot be confused or lost amongst competing town centre neon. Precise alignment with driver eyelevel seems to captivate attention at around 300 metres, nearer 400 in the sticks.”

Proviz Trigon - light on

Proviz founder Rupert Langly-Smith said, “An old school friend used to use electroluminescent lighting in outdoor advertising and we thought that there had to be a way to use this on clothing for cyclists. It seemed a perfect and obvious solution.

“It is very durable, won't break easily and much more effective than traditional LED lighting. We also found that it integrated really well into clothing and accessories.”

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