Cycle ban in Llandudno could be permanently lifted following 12 month trial and study

Report recommends cyclists should be allowed to share the promenafe

A cycle ban on Llandudno's promenade looks set to be lifted permanently following a 12 month pilot scheme and a resultant report.

A study group, commissioned by Conwy Council, has recommended that cyclists should be allowed on the wide promenade.

The cyclists' victory will be a bitter blow to the Save Our Promenade campaign who say it is unsafe for riders to be allowed on a walkway used by tourists, children, dog walkers and others.

The report, which will be discussed at Conwy Council’s communities overview and scrutiny committee, found that “no accidents” had been reported during the year but one person did highlight two “near misses” recently.

According to the sustainable transport charity, bicycles are permitted on some 125 seaside promenades throughout the UK, making Llandudno, which has had a promenade since around 1876, very much the exception.

The one-year trial was approved year by a task and finish group chaired by Councillor Christine Jones, who said, “Yes, we think there probably will be risks but the risks are minimal.

"You have risks if you put a car on the road and as a consequence of this we have decided to go forward," she added.

The BBC said that warning signs and CCTV would be deployed to help ensure safety.

Ahead of the ban being lifted, Dr Neil Mackenzie of the Llandudno for Safe Cycling group had told the North Wales Weekly News: “This common sense solution will put an end to pensioners, families with young children, and tourist cyclists being embarrassed by being shouted at to dismount when they approach the cenotaph area.

“Although cyclists with common sense will dismount when this area is busy, not every cyclist has the appropriate level of experience or courtesy,” he continued.

“We would be dismayed if, during the trial period, an accident involving a cyclist and pedestrian in this area resulted in the whole prom being closed to cyclists, when in practice it is just one area which needs to be addressed. Prevention is better than cure.

“We hope the communities overview and scrutiny committee will accept the task and finish group’s recommendations as we are confident that it will enhance Llandudno’s tourist trade by providing an additional leisure facility,” he added.

“It will also contribute to a healthy lifestyle for young and old, and will improve the town’s image as a green environmentally friendly low carbon town.”

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