It's the last place we'd expect to see driving like this.....

It just goes to show, you never can tell when a motorist is going to lose their rag. However, we'd expect better than this from a team car in a professional road race.

This video was apparently taken by a spectator at the Loire-Atlantique classic on 16 March. The race was won by Edwig Cammaerts of Cofidis, but the Bretagne - Seche Environment team car was obviously in a hurry to see the action: here we see the car impatiently blowing his horn behind a moto that's also following the race before squeezing into a gap and taking a dig at the bike as it does so.

Clearly the consequences of driving in that manner can be very grave indeed. We all remember what happened to Jonny Hoogerland in the 2011 Tour de France:

The potential for injury here, it seems to us, is just as big. A sideswipe from the team car could send the moto into the other line of traffic, which could have very serious consequences. The media car that hit Juan Antonio Flecha, causing Hoogerland's injuries, was subsequently expelled from the Tour de France. We'd expect some kind of censure for this driver too, at the very least, and we've contacted the race organisers to see if they are aware of the incident.


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