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Science in Sport launch world's first recovery gel

Rego + Fruitflow is designed to shorten your recovery time after exercise

Science in Sport (SiS) have launched a new product called Rego + Fruitflow, the world’s first recovery gel, designed to boost your recover from intense exercise.

Most of us are pretty familiar with the idea of getting an energy gel down periodically on the bike to keep the fuel tanks topped up, but Rego + Fruitflow is entirely different in that, although it comes as a gel, it's not designed to provide energy and you don’t take it during exercise but before you train.

According to SiS, “Fruitflow is a tomato extract containing naturally occurring tomato compounds which can beneficially interact with blood platelets. Supported by human clinical trials, Fruitflow is the first natural ingredient with a scientifically approved health claim to contribute to healthy blood flow. Its use in health care and sports nutrition is patented and Science in Sport is the only company to produce a sports recovery product with it.”

The idea is that you take one gel 1.5 to 3hrs before an intense exercise session to reduce the over-stimulation of blood platelets. This will reduce inflammation, leading to a shorter recovery time… and training effectively is all about recovery. Fruitflow, the theory goes, helps maintain normal platelet aggregation which contributes to healthy blood flow. That’s the science.

Rego + Fruitflow is available in Banana and Mango flavour. I’d have to say that it’s an acquired taste. There’s still a hint of that tomato in there which is a little odd until you get used to it.

One 60ml gel is priced at £2.29, a six-pack is £11.99, and a pack of 30 will set you back £56.99.

SiS are also launching Go Hydro electrolyte tablets in a new 10-tablet tube. As you probably know, electrolyte tablets are designed to hydrate you but they don’t provide energy: these are virtually calorie-free.

Each tab, which you dilute in 500ml of water to produce an effervescent drink, contains 0.3g of sodium plus calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

Go Hydro is available in pineapple and mango, berry, lemon and blackcurrant flavours at £6.99 per 20-tablet tube (currently reduced to £5.98). The 10-tablet tubes come in lemon and berry at a trial price of £2.99.

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