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Torq release Hot Cocoa Recovery Plus+

Range revisions from the sports nutrition brand

Torq continue to expand their range of energy and recovery products and the latest offering is Hot Cocoa Recovery Plus+, a daily recovery drink, and a re-formulated Recovery with a new mandarin yoghurt flavour.

Torq Recovery Plus+ is a Hot Cocoa drink designed for periods of intense training stress and is intended to be consumed twice daily. It forms part of Torq's new Recovery System which attempts to make the whole business of fuelling, hydrating and recovering from races and rides a no-brainer process.

Recovery Plus+ complements their current Recovery drink, the former is designed for regular and daily use and the latter for immediately post-ride consumption. Torq have stripped Recovery of the HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) nutrient and added it to Recover Plus+, because they reckon you get the full benefit when it's consumed daily. This nutrient helps prevent muscle breakdown and improves muscle repair.

Beta-alanine and sodium phosphate, which are the other two potent micronutrients that feature in Torq Recovery Plus+, should also be consumed in divided doses, so these feature with HMB in the product too. Beta-alanine is a branched chain amino acid that helps increase lactic acid buffering, which results in increased anaerobic power as well as aiding recovery between high intensity racing/training bouts. Sodium phosphate complements Beta-Alanine by empowering the aerobic system. There's some really detailed explanations of the exact ingredients and what they do on the Torq website.

Recovery Plus+ costs £22 for a 500g tub and £50 for a 1.5kg tub.

Torq have added the new mandarin yoghurt flavour to tthe re-formulated Recovery range alongside improved strawberries & cream, banana & mango and chocolate mint varieties.  As the new formulation doesn't contain HMB (now in Torq Recovery Plus+ instead), the flavour is claimed to be much improved.

Recovery costs £19 for 500g, £39 for 1.5kg and £72 for 3kg.

Recover Plus+ and Recovery are made with no preservatives, artificial colours or sweeteners. Find out more at

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