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Lorry drivers to spend half a day as a cyclist on the roads

Training scheme should give a very different perspective on safety

Lorry drivers in Redbridge are to spend half a day riding bicycles on the roads thanks to a £250,000 grant to spend on improving cycling in the borough.

70 HGV drivers will complete their Safer London Driving course this month, part of Redbridge's commitment to becoming a Biking Borough.

Councillor Paul Canal who sits on the council's Cycling Liason Group told the East London Guardian: "If every HGV driver rode a bike and every cyclist sat in the cab of a HGV lorry, deaths would decrease by 90 percent."

According to Transport for London, more than half of all cyclist deaths in London are caused by collisions with goods vehicles.

Only one in a thousand (0.1 per cent) of collisions with a car resulted in the death of a cyclist in the 12 months to 2011.

That rose to one in 200 (0.5 per cent) where the vehicle was a taxi, and just under one in 150 (0.68 per cent) where small and medium goods vehicles were involved.

However, where the incident involved a large HGV or other oversized vehicle, 7.94 per cent – nearly one in 12 – resulted in the cyclist being killed.


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