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School caretaker receives £350 fine for deliberately running down cyclist

Driver convicted of 'careless driving' and given nine points on his licence...

A school caretaker who deliberately ran down a cyclist in a fit of rage walked away from court with a £350 fine yesterday.

Cal Groves, 45, shouted abuse at Gerard Lumb before knocking him over and driving off, Hull Crown Court heard.

Both the cyclist and the driver were attempting to turn right at the same junction in Anlaby, East Riding.

They nearly collided, causing Groves to shout at Mr Lumb before swerving and hitting him on purpose. Mr Lumb had cuts and bruises to hs legs and ankles and is awaiting physiotherapy to help with his injuries.

He has not ridden a bike since, according to This Is Hull.

Groves, a caretaker at Hull Collegiate School was found guilty of careless driving and was fined £350, ordered to pay £500 costs and given nine points on his licence.

We've highlighted a number of cases recently that appear surprisingly lenient, along with pleas for a comprehensive sentencing review to make sentences fairer. We also reported the finding that sentences for drunk, drugged and dangerous driving have become more lenient in recent years.

And just last month we highlighted a consultation aimed at giving police powers to clamp down on 'low level' careless driving.

Do you think drivers who kill or injure are getting the sentences they deserve? Let us know in the comments below.

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