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Gipiemme wheels are back

A sub-1500g wheelset for £400, and plenty more

Gipiemme have had a low profile in the UK since the break up of Campagnolo but they're still in the business of making wheels. Refreshingly, they're still doing it like they used to, as well - all the wheels in their range are hand built in their Italian factory.
The basic T-Due wheel, at £75/pr, is the entry level model and for £50 extra you can have the lighter construction and cartridge bearings of the Techno 020. The star of their range, however, is the Techno 155 light wheel at the fiercely competitive price point of £399. You've got lots of choice from the big boys for this kind of money, but the Gipiemme looks to be pretty good value. It's built with Sapim CX race spokes and the total weight of the wheelset is just 1490g, substantially lighter than some other £400 wheelsets we can think of.
What they're like in terms of ride and stiffness we can't say yet, but we'll try to get some in to find out. There's also a carbon wheelset, the H6.0, at £999 and a carbon disc that's a grand on its own. The disc is dished on one side and flat on the other, for no other reason seemingly than there's no other disc that's dished on one side and flat on the other. Well, you gotta have a USP...

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