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Condor at Cycle 08

Lots of pretty bikes, some unusual ones...

Condor's enormous stand was filled with pretty much every incarnation of every bike they make, it seemed. The Rapha Condor bikes were there, of course, with the Leggero being the pick. The frame alone is £1499 and builds start from £1899 - but not, we're guessing, with Dura Ace 7900 as shown here. The Potenza (£349 frame only) is a singlespeed/fixed frame that Condor are keen to emphasize is a pretty versatile beast. It was on display built up as everything from a track iron to a winter trainer to a flat-barred city bike but the look is very Holborn no matter what spec you choose.

The Paris Galibier has been around for a while but it's still worth a gander. Originally designed by Harry Rensch in 1947, the split top tube design in Reynolds 501 features cable routing through the middle of the two tubes and double crown fork. It was specced on the stand with wooden rims and Brooks leather bar tape for the full retro experience. Framesets are £1499. The Classico is available as a geared frame (as pictured) or in track guise as the Classico Pista. The Dedacciai steel frame is £699.





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jay cee | 15 years ago

The team bike is a prototype. If you look at the clearance on the back tyre and the frame with a continental 23c tyre, (more like a 24c), it is almost touching the seat-tube. When you flex the back wheel a little, it does in fact touch.
Also, the chainstays flare out a little more than what is acceptable. The team ride on Shimano shoes that have a big moulding around the heal area. This on occasion can rub during certain efforts.
The frame is not finished as yet, but watch this space for when it is good and ready!

The Condor stand and store was very well presented with some excellent photo's for sale, not to mention the equally excellent Rouleur magazine!

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