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Youth on bicyle manhandled to ground by Olympic Torch security

Got into 'security bubble' and pulled off bike for 'own safety'...

The Olympic security team manhandled to the ground a young man on a bicycle who entered the 'security bubble' yesterday.

The grey shorts-wearing Keepers of the Giant Cigarette Lighter Olympic Torch dragged the youth across the road in front of a moving car and coach, off his bike and onto the ground 'for his own security' as he had got too close to the official tracksuited runner.

The Metropolitan Police told the BBC: "A male on a pedal cycle attempted to enter the security bubble around the torchbearer. The Met's torch security team prevented him from gaining access to the torchbearer and the male fell off his bike. He immediately got back on his bike and left."

You can make your own mind up about what happened; here's the video.


An Olympic spokesman added: "Although there was no disruption to the relay, we'd like to remind people not to enter the security bubble, this is for their own safety as well as the torchbearer's - The Torch Relay is a moving convoy including vehicles."

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