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Green Transport Measures Announced

Plans to cut CO2 emissions from Transport announced today

Transport secretary Lord Adonis has announced plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions today – and the promotion of cycling was high on the agenda.

The green transport package put forward also promotes more high-speed rail and low-emission cars. He said he was determined to make public transport “a far more attractive choice” but added that building a greener future “does not mean government dictating which particular mode of travel people should use”.

He also said he wanted to promote “more active modes of travel” such as cycling, adding that more than 60 percent of the population lived within a 15 minute bike ride of a railway station.

“What I want is to widen the options so that it is easier and a natural part of life for people, and businesses, to go for the low carbon option", said Lord Adnonis

“Everyone can do something.”

Lord Adonis said that the green transport measures would save an additional 85 million tonnes of CO2 over the period of 2018-22. Also the government will be emphasising the importance of addressing CO2 from transport in guidance to local and regional authorities as they begin to develop local plans and longer-term transport solutions.

This is all well and good as words, but unless cycle parking is improved at stations (and the whole Olmypic Park area currently only has 200 spaces at stations, as we reported here) then cycling to the station isn't really an option. We're looking forward to seeing the concrete plans for better cycle storage for multi-modal journeys and, while we're about it, safe and dedicated routes to those stations we can all ride to. That's what we'd like to see come out of this: should we hold our breath?

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nathangoss | 15 years ago

Why can't councils just install lots of bike racks, like they have done in Copenhagen, and other bike friendly cities in Europe?

Seems pretty simple to me.

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