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How do you feel about Lycra?

How do you feel about Lycra?

Does the idea of wearing cycling gear make you more or less likely to ride to work? That's the question the peeps from the Cycle 2008 are posing the nation's cyclists in an online questionnaire. Share your thoughts on cycling and sweat you could win one of 10 tickets to next year's show. Well, it's nice to have something to look forward to. We like a nice bit of tight Lycra at (although the line is drawn at dressing up like a Belisha beacon), but there's no accounting for tastes and it seems to put some people off. When it comes to riding to work – depends on how far you have to go… current split is: 1 Lycra 1 Bike Baggies 1 Jeans + cycling shoes (we don't sit near him)'s founder and first editor, nowadays to be found riding a spreadsheet. Tony's journey in cycling media started in 1997 as production editor and then deputy editor of Total Bike, acting editor of Total Mountain Bike and then seven years as editor of Cycling Plus. He launched his first cycling website - the Cycling Plus Forum at the turn of the century. In 2006 he left C+ to head up the launch team for Bike Radar which he edited until 2008, when he co-launched the multi-award winning - finally handing on the reins in 2021 to Jack Sexty. His favourite ride is his ‘commute’ - which he does most days inc weekends and he’s been cycle-commuting since 1994. His favourite bikes are titanium and have disc brakes, though he'd like to own a carbon bike one day.

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