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'Clocks, Cleats & Cranks' makes clocks out of cleats* and cranks

...well, maybe not cleats but these guys recycle nice old bike parts into beautiful presents

A Wiltshire cyclist has taken his interest in making gifts and trophies out of bicycle bits online with a new venture called 'Clocks, Cleats & Cranks.'

Andy Smith of the Swindon Road Club is well known in the West Country for riding cyclo-cross as well as organising rounds of the Wessex Cyclo-Cross League. Indeed, it was the idea of making event trophies out of lovely old bike parts that led to the recent business development, his friends and other event organisers having asked about further creations.

We rather fancy this clock made from vintage bike frame head badges but there are plenty of permutations on the theme of using a chainring as a clock face - there's even one from the legendary British maker Chater-Lea - and there is a table lamp made from a RockShox fork and toilet roll holders with wheel quick releases.

Custom-made trophies though are Andy's main interest because of the challenge. "Who wants another boring plaque when they can have one of these!" as he puts it. 


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