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Full Windsor startup offers two kinds of quick and simple mudguard

One snaps on and off quickly, the other fixes more permanently

The first products from the London-based bicycle accessory design company Full Windsor are two simple mudguards designed to fix quickly and easily to any bike with standard twin seatstays.

Neither of the two require nuts and bolts or tools; the mudguards use the bicycle's frame and what the makers call a 'unique origami design’ to give them their structural rigidity.

The Quickfix mudguard is designed to simply click on and off by means of the kind press stud you'd find on a winter jacket. It can literally be popped on when needed, unpopped and folded flat to store in your bag when not in use.

The Foldnfix mudguard attaches with cable ties but again no tools required for a more permanent fixture.

Full Windsor Quickfix mudguard: £14.99 from Cycle Surgery among others


“We essentially come up with new product ideas from behind the handle bars,” explained Mark Windsor, Full Windsor’s founder and product designer. "We then rigorously trial them whilst dodging double decker buses around the streets of London. Our products are not run of the mill. We are all about designing creative, functional products that are unique and users enjoy."

We have samples of both these and the even more basic Ass Saver from Sweden and which clips to the saddle. There's no shortage of bikes around towers that are the kind you wouldn't fit mudguards to so we shouldn't be lacking in opportunities for testing over the next few weeks.

The QuickFix mudguard sells for £14.99, and the Foldnfix for £13.99. They are already available nationally through Cycle Surgery, online from Wiggle and in London Condor Cycles and Look Mum No Hands.

Full Windsor Foldnfix on a classic 'close clearance' road bike.

Full Windsor Quickfix colour choices.

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