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Cute emergency mudguard from SmartAss + Video

Product hand made in the "rainy, rainy" city of Göthenburg in Sweden

This simple and cheap solution to the old problem of 'wet cyclist's bottom' and made by a group of friends in Sweden is sweeping the cycling world if their Ass Savers Facebook page is anything to go by.

This origami-like shape made from recycle plastic and designed to store out of the way under the saddle can be deployed in seconds to stop rear wheel water spray shooting up as soon as it starts to rain. Watch the video; it may even inspire you to fashion your own, Blue Peter style.

Ass Savers cost 50 Swedish Krona - we make that just under £5 - and come in various colours. They fit pretty much any saddle except Brooks although they're working on that, according to the site.

Of course, the debate has been raging in the comments of our blogger Flo_K's recent piece on the pros and cons of mudguard usage. There will be readers tutting about why you wouldn't choose to fit proper full mudguards at this time of the year and no doubt making our friends at SKS very happy indeed but for the riders who just cannot bring themselves to spoil the lines of their fashionable fixie, this might just do the trick.




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