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Uninsured driver guilty of causing death of Manchester cyclist

Woman had never collected full licence despite passing test

A 43-year old driver who struck and killed a cyclist in Greater Manchester last year was driving on a provisional licence and had no insurance, a court in Salford has heard.

The Manchester Evening News reports that last November, Sandra Humphreys drove into medical researcher John Allen from behind as he made a lane change on Liverpool Road, Eccles, while riding to collect books from a local library.

The 32-year old cyclist, who was part of a team at Manchester University conducting research into leukaemia and Alzheimer’s disease, suffered severe head injuries in the incident and died at the scene.

The court was told that even though Humphreys had passed her driving test she had not claimed a full licence before moving to Ireland. Upon returning to the UK she applied for the full licence but, as a provisional licence holder, was uninsured for the vehicle she was driving.

She pleaded guilty to the charges of causing death while driving without a licence and causing death while driving without insurance.

John’s grieving mother, Mary Allen, said: "I know nothing will bring my baby back and I don’t want the anger in my head and in my heart.

"I know she did not set out that day to take someone’s life, but she had no right to be on the road that day and, if she hadn’t been, my son would still be here.

"John was such a caring person who just wanted to help people in this world."

The case has been referred for sentencing to Minshull Street Crown Court where Humphreys could be sentenced to up to 24 weeks in jail.

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