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Schoolboy cyclist told to pay-up by insurance company

Accident lands injured 12-year-old with £150 bill

12-year-old Sam Scott's parents are furious at an insurance company which sent him a letter demanding £150 after a collision with a car.

The schoolboy was at home recovering when the letter landed on the doormat, asking him to pay the cost of the driver's insurance excess, following the accident which resulted in a smashed windscreen and left the boy with cuts and bruises.

According to a story in the Daily Mail, Sam, from North Shields, Tyneside, was knocked off his bike after riding into the path of the car.

After his parents ignored the first letter, the youngster was sent another, threatening legal action.

His mother Tracey told the Daily Mail: 'I'm really furious. I have never heard anything like it before. It's terrible that people are asking children for money.'

Insurance isn't a legal requirement for cyclists, but they can be held liable for damage if an accident is their fault.

CTC Spokesperson Victoria Hazael said: “It’s standard practice for insurance companies to contact cyclists who have been involved in a collision, that is why all CTC members are automatically covered by £10 million third party insurance and have access to free legal advice.

"In the last financial year CTC dealt with around 50 similar third party claims, so Sam Scott’s experience is not unique.

"We would be happy to assist Sam and his family and ask that they get in touch with us for advice and support.

"For peace of mind we recommend that parents make sure their children have insurance."

A spokesman for Direct Line told the Daily Mail it did not realise it was trying to communicate with a child and apologised for the error saying its usual policy would be to write to the child's parent or guardian.

Visit for more information on the CTC's insurance schemes.

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hammergonewest | 15 years ago

Blimey! You really couldn't make it up, it's so wrong it's almost funny.

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