Isle of Wight seeks cycling volunteers

Council wants locals to guide visitors and inspire fellow islanders at Cycling Festival

The Isle of Wight Council is hoping to tap into the knowledge and enthusiasm of the local cycling community during the island’s forthcoming Cycling Festival reports the County Press.

The idea is for volunteers to guide visitors to September’s IoW Cycling Festival around routes on the island as well as promoting cycling generally among the island’s population.

With around 200 miles of bike paths and 12 marked routes, many of which pass through areas of outstanding natural beauty, the island has been deemed a world class cycling destination in the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2010 guide.

Isle of Wight Council events officer Claire Critchison told the County Press: "If you are an experienced cyclist and would like to share your favourite route with others, then we would love to hear from you.

"Each day of the week-long festival we offer cyclists the opportunity to take part in a variety of rides that take in the most picturesque areas of the Island, as well as local landmarks and the occasional country pub.

You can contact Claire via e-mail at //info [at]">info [at] .

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