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103-year-old cyclist still California cruisin'

Centenarian is "poster boy" for cycling in Long Beach...

Now that we are all living longer there is every chance that the existence of someone like Octavio Orduño won't raise an eyebrow in years to come, but for the time being there can’t be too many centenarian cyclists out there.

The 103-year-old Long Beach California resident still enjoys riding, although he uses a tricycle these days at the insistence of a wife Alicia, after his balance started to get a tad shaky once he’d turned 100.

The city of Long Beach calls him the oldest cyclist in the world, which may or may not be true, but they nonetheless have plans to use him as a cycling ambassador - living proof that cycling is good for body and soul.

Octavio was spotted by Long Beach’s cycling coordinator Charles Gandy who shared his story online and hopes to capitalise on the former aerospace mechanic’s great age and rude health to push cycling amongst the city’s residents.

"He's our poster boy for healthy, active living around here," Gandy told the LA Times, adding his example is just what people need "to shake themselves out of a rut."

Octavio takes his Torker trike on a regular route around Long Beach and despite the occasional mishap – which on one occasion saw him trapped under the upturned machine for half an hour – he shows no sign of giving up a routine followed for nearly 40 years, any time soon.

"I can ride this bike all day long," he said. "It keeps me going, and it's better than sitting in the den all day watching cars go by."

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simonmb | 13 years ago

How lovely to hear! Good man! In another couple of years he'll be old enough to start riding for Radio Shack.

antonio | 13 years ago

Surely now he has to change his name from Octavio to Centenario.

mad_scot_rider | 13 years ago


It's great to hear this kind of thing when we usually have so many stories about accidents etc.

Long life and happiness to him and all cyclists!

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