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Landis spoof satirises UCI legal threat

Grey Manrod Ass. hotshot Chade O Grey fights 'Floyd's' corner ...

Floyd Landis as a biting satirist?

It would be as good an option as any for the disgraced Tour de France 'winner' but it’s somehow unlikely that he's behind the string of spoof emails that purport to come from him and his law firm in connection with legal action threatened against the ex-rider by UCI big cheeses past and present  Hein Verbruggen and Pat McQuaid.

Bikebiz tipped us off about the emails that appear on the website and consist of exchanges between “Landis” and his lawyers at the fictitious Grey Manrod Associates as well as supposed correspondence from the firm’s hotshot attorney Chade O. Grey to the UCI’s lawyers in Switzerland.

We just about managed to wade through the item, mainly because we were tipped off that gets a mention somewhere in there, but then we had to go and lie down for half an hour. You may fare better.

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Chuffy | 13 years ago

I saw them just after they went up - read the first three or four and thought they were serious....  13

Zucchini anyone?  19

hoggsa | 13 years ago

It's hilarious! Love the references to all the articles that show just how ridiculous Pat McQuaid is, but it's the Floyd Landis emails that are, frankly, priceless.

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