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Lambeth Council to remove "No cycling" signs on South Bank

Authority says it has responded to feedback

Following our and other media coverage of a story about a disabled cyclist who was ordered off her tricycle by a PCSO on London’s South Bank, Lambeth Council is to remove “No Cycling” signs.

The council had been criticised for creating confusion by fixing the signs along the Thames riverside path that has been used by cyclists for many years, in response to a recent issue with a minority of people riding irresponsibly.

The matter came to a head after a Police Community Support Officer stopped a disabled cyclist, Anne Wright, and told her to dismount from her three-wheeled machine and walk. She attempted to prove her disability by showing the officer the elbow crutch she uses, but to little effect.

Now a Lambeth Council spokesman has told

“We’ve been looking at the issue of cycling on the Southbank for some time and ideally we want to come up with a solution that allows cyclists and pedestrians to share the space together.

“The “No Cycling” signs were put up as a trial because of complaints about a small number of aggressive cyclists who were spoiling it for the majority of other cyclists and pedestrians. The signs were designed to allow the PCSOs that patrol the Southbank to ask cyclists to dismount so they could talk to them about considerate cycling.

“However, we’ve listened to feedback and decided that a better approach is to place signs that say ‘Pedestrian priority – considerate cycling welcomed’ or words to that effect, while at the same time running an awareness campaign to promote considerate cycling, similar to the very successful initiative we recently ran on Clapham Common. We hope to put up the new signs soon.” also made repeated attempts to contact MP for Vauxhall, Kate Hoey, who  supported the ban on cycling, but our calls were not returned.

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