#MyCyclingWeekend with Decathlon - Winter sun

Another change to get your hands/feet on/in a pair of B'Twin Winter Socks...

Finally, it looks like we're going to get a weekend of perfect winter cycling conditions and we'll be chasing the sun.

It'll be a welcome relief after weekends of sudden and heavy downpours, though with the roads in the state that they are, we're still going to be doing quite a bit of bike cleaning.

If you're emerging from a winter spent on the indoor trainer, then welcome back! We've got a new prize that Decathlon is providing.

They're giving away a pair of their winter socks which are perfect for frozen toe prevention.

All you have to do to enter is to post a picture to Instagram using #MyCyclingWeekend in the caption. Then on Monday, we'll pick a winner. Simple.

To give you an idea of what to post, check out some of the entries from last weekend below.



Great ride up Geln Strathfarrar on a road where cars are (mostly) banned. In a stark contrast to the normal conditions we all ride in, where we feel intimidated and bullied by careless or impatient drivers. This was nirvana. Imagine a world where every road cycle was like this! Every time I get on my bike, lurking in a dark corner of my brain I think this could be it for me. It doesn't last and the joy and love for my sport soon takes over... But it's always there and there really is no need for it. Everyone needs more respect and patience. Peace and love . . . . . #cycling #highlands #roadbike #mycyclingweekend #roadisthewayoflife #whyiride #livetoride #strava #stravacycling #outsideisfree #giantbikes #gianttcr #tcr #gcninspiration #fromwhereiride #roadslikethese #lifebehindbars #cyclinglife #cyclingphotos

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