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Phrase “Well done Peloton” makes Roger’s Profanisaurus; Strava reveals “Quitter’s Day”; Cyclists' eating disorders; NZ has worst drivers; Contador's new bike brand+ more on the live blog

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02 January 2020, 19:34
"Great work, Mark in London, keep pushing it!"

The phrase"Well done Peloton, you smashed it!" has only gone and made the latest update to Viz comic's Roger's Profanisaurus ... 

Well done Peloton
02 January 2020, 16:37
winter cycling 3 (tomasz przechlewski).jpg
Strava reveals “Quitter’s Day” – the day that New Year fitness resolutions are most likely to die

According to Strava data from 2019, Sunday January 19 will be Quitter’s Day this year – that’s the day people are most likely to give up on their New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Not entirely surprisingly, Strava reckons that Strava can keep people from giving up…

UK Country Manager Gareth Mills said: “Millions of us around the world will start the year motivated and with the best of intentions to either get fit, or increase our activity levels.

“We know that staying motivated is the oldest and biggest problem in health and fitness and our data shows that people are most likely to give up on 2020 New Year’s fitness resolutions by Sunday 19 January this year.

“At Strava, we believe that people keep people active which is why we connect athletes with like-minded athletes. For example, we know that those who exercise in a group record 10% more activities the month after they join a club, and that cyclists going on group rides cover twice the distance of solo rides."

02 January 2020, 16:06
Vision Zero in Oslo

Mission accomplished?

Not at all.

Hartmann also adds that no children died in traffic anywhere in Norway (pop. 5,3 million) in 2019.

02 January 2020, 15:51
Campaign to build new West Midlands velodrome backed by… Greg LeMond

More about the campaign here.

02 January 2020, 15:17
Cat Dixon and Raz Marsden (via YouTube)
New Zealand motorists ‘resent cyclists’ say riders attempting tandem world record

The two British women who are currently trying to break the world record for being the fastest cyclists to circumnavigate the globe on a tandem say that New Zealand has the worst drivers.

"It's brutal," Raz Marsden told "We've had more close encounters with cars here than anywhere else."

Cat Dixon added: "We get the impression that the drivers just sort of resent the bikes just being on the road. As a consequence they make no effort whatsoever to pull out and they drive incredibly close."

According to Marsden, "They go so close you can feel the hairs on your arms stand up, the gust of wind."

The pair suggest that the country’s rural drivers aren’t so used to seeing cyclists.

In general, Kiwis "couldn't be nicer, kinder, more helpful, more supportive, just great, fantastic," according to Marsden. "But when they get in a car, something happens."

02 January 2020, 14:08
Chris Froome's 2010s
02 January 2020, 13:58
Cav's new bike


Right then 2020, let's have you.... @bahrain_merida ( @modcyclingphoto ) #cycling #2020 #newyear #team #cyclist

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02 January 2020, 12:46
Reverend Richard Coles has got himself an e-bike

The 'annus horribilis' is a reference to the death of Coles' partner, Reverend David Coles, last month.

02 January 2020, 12:42
Cycling and a desire to lose weight not always a bad combination though, obvs
02 January 2020, 11:43
Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso seem to be launching a new bike

Here’s a teaser video thing.



-Mox adventu- -Coming soon- -Próximamente- -Prossimamente-

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Writing on his own Instagram page, Contador said that the name would be revealed letter by letter.

So far we’ve got an A and four spaces.

“January 1st arrived and I can open the gift, what will it be? Of course it's a bike, but which one? It is a very special one, for the moment we will call it A since the name will be deciphered little by little...Bike in which we have been working for more than a year and a half with the best to offer the best bike I have ridden. I'm like a little boy! Now Full Gas”



A post shared by Alberto Contador (@acontadoroficial) on

02 January 2020, 11:21
Notice something else new in this pic?

While Mr Van der Poel is indeed rocking his team's new kit, it also looks like he has a new bike... which we strongly suspect could be Canyon's new Aeroad. It's not the first time we've talked about the new Aeroad. A very similar-looking bike was spotted being ridden by Van der Poel back in late September, and Canyon also added a 'CFR Disc RO65' to the UCI list; although they declined to comment when we asked them about it at the time. 

02 January 2020, 11:13
02 January 2020, 10:59
A byproduct of Conor Dunne's retirement

Conor Dunne has retired without a team at the age of 27 after Israel Cycling Academy decided not to renew his contract.

At 2.04m, Dunne had been the tallest rider in the WorldTour.

That title is now held by 2m Mathias Norsgaard.

02 January 2020, 09:48
Michal Kwiatkowski on the Poggio in 2016 Milan-San Remo.JPG
No Milan-Sanremo in 2020?

An update on the Poggio - so often the decisive climb in Milan-Sanremo - which has suffered landslides in recent months.

02 January 2020, 09:40
Bradley Wiggins (via Eurosport)
Bradley Wiggins agrees that when it comes to weight, the world of cycling is “sick”

Earlier this year, Sir Bradley Wiggins said that one of the great benefits of retiring was that he had been able to put on some weight.

Speaking during the Giro d’Italia, he said: “I’ve put 10 kilos on because I was severely underweight as a 6ft3in man. Stop this rubbish!”

He went on to say that it no longer affects him when “the sick world of cycling” tells him, “you’ve let yourself go a bit.”

Wiggins weighed 72kg for his final overall stage race victory at the 2014 Tour of California and was listed on the Team Sky website as weighing 69kg.

02 January 2020, 09:35
‘Cycling culture must change’ says dietician

A dietician who has seen a five-fold increase in the number of male cyclists referred to her with eating disorders in the past year has blamed a culture where performance is often prioritised over health.

Renee McGregor says every new male client she has seen in the last year has been a cyclist.

Speaking to Sky News, she said: "It's a very fine line between being light enough to perform optimally and being so light that it starts to affect mental and physical health.

"I don't think enough coaches and sporting teams and sporting bodies have the information and the education they need, so when that is line crossed, it's often crossed at the expense of the athlete."

One cyclist who has been seeing McGregor for help, 19-year-old Oscar Mingay, said: "I had very low self esteem. If someone told me I was looking healthy, I would think, 'Oh, I need to lose more weight, I look normal'. If someone told me I was looking unwell I would think, 'Great, I'm doing everything right'."

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