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‘Get f*cked!’ Sleeping cyclist on NZ train refuses to move for mother and baby

Man on commuter service was stretched out over four seats with his bike next to him

A cyclist on a busy commuter train in New Zealand who was lying down next to his bike on priority streets refused to move for a mother and her baby – and told the train manager to ‘Get f*cked’ when he was asked to move.

The incident happened last Wednesday morning on a train from the Auckland suburb of Onehunga to the city’s Central Business District, reports the NZ Herald.

Passenger Stuart Dawson, who boarded the train at 7.18 am, noticed the cyclist sleeping across four priority seats, meaning that when a mother got on at the next station with a pram, she had nowhere to sit.

Mr Dawson managed to attract the attention of the train manager, who asked the cyclist to move, but was given very short shrift indeed.

“He went up and asked the cyclist to move and the guy just said, ‘Get f*cked’,” Mr Dawson said.

“He said that a couple of times. The manager then said, ‘If you continue doing that, I'll let you off at the next stop’.”

“The cyclist repeated what he said, saying ‘f*ck off’ and went back to sleep. The manager then walked off and did absolutely nothing.”

There were reportedly only a couple of free seats in the carriage, meaning that with the priority seating occupied there was nowhere for the woman to park her pram.

“The train manager actually went up to ask her if she was okay,” Mr Dawson continued. “She wasn't happy and looked rather uncomfortable.

“He [the cyclist] was not a nice character to deal with.”

He said that while he had seen the woman and her child on most morning’s before last week’s incident, he had not seen them since, adding: “I guess the passenger may have been put off catching that particular train.”

A spokesperson for train operator Transdev said: “Antisocial behaviour like this is uncommon on rail services.

“We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers.

“These include conflict resolution and customer service training for our staff.

“Train managers are supported by staff in other roles in deterring antisocial behaviour.

“Onboard staff will call police when an incident justifies this.

“We are pleased the Train manager followed her training by checking on the needs of the affected customer, and that the situation did not escalate.”

Usually when we report about bikes on trains on it’s due to lack of provision of cycle places, or the difficulty of stowing a bike there.

However, occasionally stories crop up such as this one where people block seats with their bikes to the anger of other customers, as in this pair of incidents from 2016.

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CyclingInBeastMode | 4 years ago
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if it's not on CCTV then it never happened, isn't that the rules these days, doesn't every carriage has them fitted to aid crime prevention and record actual crimes?

It's the kind of thing that the train manager should have called upon transport police to deal with at the next available stop or even not pull out of the station and call the police to remove the person and give them a bit of a slap (as in a fine and some choice words). 

Philh68 | 4 years ago

Before our NSW railcars were air conditioned, they used to have ice water dispensers in the vestibule at the end of the carriage. Was very effective for dealing with selfish sleeping a-holes taking up seats. I miss that.

James Walker | 4 years ago

"Is the bike preventing the woman from using the priority seats? No."

Erm actually yes......

"...who was lying down next to his bike on priority streets"

Lying down NEXT to his bike. That sounds like he was lying down next to his bike.



Sriracha replied to James Walker | 4 years ago
James Walker wrote:

"Is the bike preventing the woman from using the priority seats? No."

Erm actually yes......

"...who was lying down next to his bike on priority streets"

Lying down NEXT to his bike. That sounds like he was lying down next to his bike.



Sounds like he was not even on the train?

..."morning’s..." Oh dear. Editor!

And the woman, wasn't called "Mary" by any chance? Or are we too early for that?

Rick_Rude | 4 years ago

If the only the Porn Pedallers were there to destroy his cock.

hawkinspeter | 4 years ago

They should have booted him off the train for swearing at the train staff.

levermonkey | 4 years ago

Is the bike occupying any seats? No.

Is the bike preventing the woman from using the priority seats? No.

Is this is a story about an inconsiderate train passenger stretching out across four seats? Yes.

So what has this to do with cycling?

If you take away the bike the story remains the same. The bike has as much relevance to the story as Indiana Jones has in Raiders of the Lost Ark, it might just as well be a pig in a wheelbarrow.

If he had had a car wheel with him would the story have said "Sleeping motorist on NZ train refuses to move for mother and baby"?


Bowks | 4 years ago

What a non-story.

I commute daily by train with a baby in a buggy and not once have I been offered a seat. 

WeLoveHills | 4 years ago

Ok, interesting piece of news. However I wonder why it should be reported on, unless we really believe that the world is divided into 'cyclists' and 'non-cyclists'.

This was a prick who happened to have a bicycle with him. We really really don't need any more 'cyclists vs the rest of humanity' bullshit.

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