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Red light jumping motorist who blamed cyclist for collision jailed

Walsall motorist accelerated upon seeing lights change to amber

A speeding Walsall motorist who jumped a red light and hit a cyclist has been jailed for 21 months. Jason Handley initially told the cyclist, "It's your fault, you did it to yourself," but later accepted he was entirely to blame.

The Express and Star reports that on July 27, 2018, Handley was driving along Wolverhampton Road West in Willenhall when he turned down Walsall Road, which is restricted to buses and access only.

The court heard that he drove down Walsall Road so quickly that a bus shook as he overtook it.

As he approached the junction at Clarkes Lane, the traffic lights turned amber. Handley accelerated.

Handley claimed he was doing around 30mph and went through on amber.

Collision experts estimated his speed to be 55mph. They said the lights changed to amber when he was 125 yards away and then red when he was 45 yards away.

As Handley went through the lights, he hit cyclist Robert Turner, who said he had been using the pedestrian crossing for safety reasons.

Turner suffered an elbow injury that exposed the bone and severe leg fractures. He was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where he underwent multiple surgeries and remained for 15 days.

He has been housebound ever since and has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

Handley initially drove on but returned to the scene where Turner said to him: "Look what you've done, you idiot."

The motorist replied: "It's your fault. You did it to yourself."

Defending, Jasvir Mann said that Bentley had expressed "considerable remorse and regret" and now accepted the blame for what occurred.

After admitting causing serious injury by dangerous driving, he was jailed for 21 months and banned from driving for five years.

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